Covid vaccine and pollen allergy, indications from the immunologist

The thrust of the vaccination campaign in spring it brought about a reduction of the epidemiological curve, but it also brought with it some questions. While some wonder if and when it is possible to drink alcohol close to the vaccine, there are those who wonder if there are consequences for those who are allergic to pollen.

Covid vaccines and pollen allergy, what to do

The answer to this last question is the immunologist Mauro Minelli, responsible for the South of the Italian Foundation of Personalized Medicine, who explained to Adnkronos Salute: “The vaccines currently available are not contraindicated in allergic subjects”.

“An adverse reaction to the vaccine (whatever vaccine it is) will never be promoted by IgE, that is, by the cells that are the protagonists of the immune response to pollen”, added Minelli; however, allergic subjects with important acute symptoms were advised to “think about postponing any vaccination for a few weeks”.

Because for allergy sufferers it would be better to postpone the vaccination

By listing the most common seasonal allergies, ie “rhinitis, rhinoconjunctivitis, asthma or ‘asthmatic equivalent’ of the cough type”, Minelli explained that “in Italy about half of the population would suffer from respiratory allergies with a constant increasing trend”.

An increase, as illustrated by Minelli, attributable to “various factors of clear environmental derivation” that worsen between April and June: that is when “granules of parietaria, grasses and olive trees are added to the air, just to name the most famous” .

Just in this period, “the allergic subject’s immune system is constantly and intensely busy to ‘keep at bay’, through its cumbersome cellular and molecular dynamics, the unconditional action of airborne agents from which it is attacked daily ”.

Since the immune system of allergic people is under stress, “other tasks would risk being excessive for that system.”

Covid vaccines and pollen allergy, when to get vaccinated

Consequently, added Minelli, “considering that the induction of an immune response of the organism, such as that which follows a vaccination, passes through a process of inflammation sometimes associated with some reactive effect, it would be the case of do not add stimuli ‘heavy’ in immunologically unstable subjects “.

The conclusion of the immunologist, therefore, is that for allergic subjects with important acute symptoms it may be appropriate postpone vaccination “When, in a few weeks, the environmental antigenic pressure sustained by the current pollen overload will be exhausted”.

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