a 20-year-old boy dies

a 20-year-old boy dies
a 20-year-old boy dies

Another tragic accident on the streets of Milan. Last night, around 10.30 pm, a 20-year-old boy died after he overturned his car on viale Fulvio Testi at the Bignami metro stop. The 23-year-old who was with him in the car was seriously injured. According to an initial reconstruction of what happened, the two boys were traveling on a BMWX5 SUV when the 20-year-old driver lost control of the car, thus going to tip over after touching the central reservation. It still remains to understand what caused the boy to lose control of the SUV, but it is certain that the car was traveling along Viale Fulvio Testi at great speed. The SUV thus overturned several times on itself and then crashed into a wall near the entrance to the metro stop.

Attempts to revive the 20-year-old are useless

The rescue car was immediately triggered: two ambulances and a self-medical doctor intervened on the scene of the accident. Unfortunately, immediately for the paramedics and doctors the condition of the young man driving appeared desperate. The attempts to revive him even on the way to the hospital were useless: there was nothing more to do for him. On the other hand, the 23-year-old friend who was sitting on the passenger side is not in danger of life: after being rescued on the spot he was transferred to the Policlinico in yellow code. Now the police forces, also present in viale Fulvio Testi immediately after the tragedy, are at work to try to trace what happened. It is still unclear why the young victim lost control of the car.


#20yearold boy dies

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