How much does it cost to eat in Sophia Loren’s restaurant in Florence

How much does it cost to eat in Sophia Loren’s restaurant in Florence
How much does it cost to eat in Sophia Loren’s restaurant in Florence

There are many faces of Italy in the world. Among these there is certainly the cinema, with masterpieces known almost everywhere and which have been awarded with the Oscar, among the highest awards in the context of the Seventh Art. The Belpaese is naturally also known for its food: the simple and effective recipes of the national tradition have made the Italian flag a real brand in the field of catering. Those who think of Italy, then, also think of the artistic heritage of our country: Naples, Rome, Milan and of course Florence see a generous influx of tourists from all over the world and feed an industry that employs 4.2 million people. (here the summer that awaits us).

Yesterday in Florence an inauguration was staged that would have made the joy of every vacationer who was visiting the Tuscan capital: Sophia Loren, one of the symbols of Italy in the world, has inaugurated a restaurant that has the pizza among the main dishes on the menu. “I’m not used to these things – said Loren – I get very excited”.

What Sophia Loren said at the opening of the restaurant that bears her name

“I can’t wait to tell my children about my trip to Florence – said the actress – I would like them to come with me for a holiday here, in this city, because it is truly wonderful”. Shortly before his appearance at the restaurant of via dei Brunelleschi, which also bears her name, Sophia Loren was a guest at Palazzo Vecchio of the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, who gave her the keys of the city as a sign of recognition: “We have admiration and gratitude for Sophia Loren – these the words of the mayor – because she is truly an icon of cinema, culture, art ”. Then the crowd, with a gathering of about 200 bystanders, near the restaurant.

How much does it cost to eat at Sophia Loren’s restaurant

In the menu of “Sophia Loren – Original Italian Food” the “author” touches are the host: the inventor of pizzas is Francesco Martucci, who was declared the best pizza chef in Italy in 2020. The kitchen was entrusted to the starred chef Gennarino Esposito. The pastry shop bears the signature of Carmine di Donna. Prices are not inaccessible: the appetizers, for example, they range from 19 euros for the “Mixed selection of cold cuts and cheeses for 2 people” to 3 euros for montanara, crocchè and arancino. The maximum price for a pizza is 16 euros. It is “Un unusual cod”, with roasted tomato cream, saline capers, milk shells, cod, olive powder and basil. A Margherita costs 7 euros and 50. One Marinara 7 euro.

In short, these are accessible costs, which respect the economy: another of the elements at the basis of the success of Italian dishes. On the other hand, the price list of the friends, with bottles that even reach 80 euros, such as Amarone Classico DOCG or Brunello di Montalcino. The inauguration event was certainly a sign of encouragement for restaurateurs, brought to their knees by the health crisis. Also during the week, there was an important step towards the definitive reopening.

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