Car maintenance before the holidays: in Rome it is worthwhile

Car maintenance before the holidays: in Rome it is worthwhile
Car maintenance before the holidays: in Rome it is worthwhile

Summer is approaching and for those who live in big cities it is a moment of ferment. Many already plan refreshing trips, far from urban traffic and from the routine of work and daily worries. And if we talk about travel-related concerns, we can’t help but think of the many setbacks that can happen traveling by car.

Yes, because, especially over long distances the unexpected events I’m always around the corner and that red light you never think about is ready to go on right in the middle of your vacation. Result: time wasted looking for a workshop open in the middle of summer, bureaucratic and insurance hassles to manage under the umbrella and a ruined vacation.

So, before you leave, always go to an authorized center for a check carried out by trained personnel who use specific diagnostic tools, and eventually you will be contacted if your car needs ordinary maintenance (oil change, filter replacement, air conditioning refill, brake pad replacement, etc.) or extraordinary.

Once this need is understood, it remains only to decide which workshop to entrust your irreplaceable travel companion, in compliance with the repair manual and for the protection of the warranty.

In this regard, on the square of Roma, theofferta SUMMER SERVICE on maintenance cars and other promotions related to ancillary services, proposed by RRG Renault Rome Branch: until July 31st, for all Renault and Dacia customers, there is the opportunity to take advantage of an excellent financing on a maintenance package including the following services:

• Oil and filter change
• Front brake pads
• Cabin filter + sanitation
• Air conditioning refill
• Vehicle check up

The SUMMER SERVICE loan provides for TAN 0%, APR 10.90% for Renault customers (with installments of € 29.58 per month) and TAN 0% and APR 12.57% for Dacia customers (with installments of € 25.98 per month).

In addition to this all-inclusive offer individual packages more specific at prices anyway convenient:

Air offer pura e check up, just € 49.90 for Renault customers and € 43 for Dacia customers
Front brake pads and check up, just € 95 for Renault customers and € 89 for Dacia customers
Oil and filter change and check up, for only € 105 for both Renault and Dacia customers

In addition to the check up, included in all the packages on offer, the price includes VAT, labor and original spare parts.

To conclude, convenience and safety are the watchwords of a summer of 2021 to be tackled on the road and in total serenity. And this is true, even more so, because relying on the workshops of the RRG Renault Retail Group di Roma in Via Tiburtina n.1155, Via Monteleone di Fermo n.59 and Lungotevere di Pietra Papa n.27, you can always count on clear solutions and suitable for any need, on a24-hour assistance in Italy and Europe, on a capillary network of 500 points of sale and 30,000 collaborators and, during maintenance, of strictly original spare parts, with a guarantee 12 years on all sheet metal components.

So, all that remains is one detail to plan the perfect holiday, free of worries or unexpected sources of stress: getting yourself make an online quote for maintenance or call the number 0641778231 and, if necessary, while the car is being repaired, take advantage of the free replacement car service of RRG Renault Branch of Roma.

To all Romans, happy holidays and good journey.

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