Waste has a value. And Italy exports more and more

The I decline it is increasingly considered a real commodity. It has its own market, a economic value and it is traded not only within a country, but also across national borders. So much so that Italy today exports more waste abroad than in the past. The waste that crossed the Alps in 2019 had increased by 10.8% compared to 2018, and was mainly directed to Austria, Spain, Portugal e Bulgaria.

And let’s not talk about the illegal ones, of the type that a month ago raised Tunisia which asked for the repatriation of almost eight thousand tons arrived between May and June 2020 from Campania, but legal waste. Scraps sought, paid for, and which end up in factories for make products or energy. In 2019 about 515 thousand tons of urban wastethe. They range from those produced by the mechanical treatment of waste to solid and secondary fuel.

An answer to the lack of waste management facilities will come from the NRP

by Luigi dell’Olio

06 June 2021

“Only 936 tons are hazardous waste, especially paints, inks, adhesives and resins. This because we have no treatment facilities and we turn to those who have them ”, they explain from Ispra. Campania e Lombardy it is the Regions that export the most waste. “After all, these two regions are among the ones that produce the most due to a demographic issue”, they specify from the institute.

In addition to exporting waste, Italy imports them in turn. In 2019, about 195 thousand tons were purchased from our country. “We buy above all scrap metal for steel mills, but also glass for glassworks – they explain from Ispra – and this is the news. If before we threw everything away, today we sell a lot of waste or process it to obtain products that end up on the market ”. L’chemical industry in this it is very active. “The large companies in the sector are studying systems for the chemical recycling of plastics”, explain from Ispra Even the speech of bioplastics started from Italy, so much so that we are the first to introduce eco-sustainable bags and then Europe has followed “.

And then there is the all-Italian technology for the recovery of diapers, which make up 30% of the undifferentiated collection. “In Europe – he concludes Valeria Frittelloni, manager of the Ispra waste center – there is only one plant capable of doing this and it is located in Veneto ”.

We produce less and less waste: few end up in landfills

by Stefania Aoi

07 June 2021

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