Colombo Clerici (Assoedilizia) “The RAI in Milan: the first necessary step for the recovery of the country.”

Colombo Clerici (Assoedilizia) “The RAI in Milan: the first necessary step for the recovery of the country.”
Colombo Clerici (Assoedilizia) “The RAI in Milan: the first necessary step for the recovery of the country.”

“Italy starts again, the engine is Lombard” headlines Il SOLE 24 ORE on Sunday 6 June 2021 on the front page.

And indeed. It is recognized by all that Milan and its region constitute, with reference to the Italian situation, the strongest factor in the link with advanced Europe; a factor that Italy has an interest in strengthening. Indeed, only an efficient infrastructural network of public services (especially in the sector of mobility of people, goods and information; in the sectors of research and services to businesses, in the sector of cultural and social offer to people) can ensure adequate responses to the country’s development needs. A positive sign has come with the project for the new Rai headquarters in Milan which envisages, by 2025, the abandonment of the studios in via Mecenate, a revisitation of the headquarters in Corso Sempione, and above all a new production center in the Portello area. , former Milanese exhibition center. It is not a revolution. Letizia Moratti, former president of Rai, also noted: “Just as Rai has a production center in Turin, specialized in technological innovation, just as it has a production center in Naples specialized in scenography, it is right that it has a Milan”.

I hope this is not an episodic act, but the beginning of a turnaround with respect to a non-rational situation. I cite two emblematic cases. Milan is the Italian financial capital, but, for the purposes of the efficiency of the system, it cannot count on some preconditions, including the transfer from Rome of Consob aimed at protecting investors, efficiency, transparency and market development. Italian furniture. This consideration also applies to some functions performed by the Bank of Italy in terms of supervision of banks and financial intermediaries and of control in the area of ​​anti-money laundering. Well, the coordination of supervision should be based in Milan, also for the purposes of greater efficiency. We keep in mind that Bankitalia and Consob already have their own branches in the Lombard capital, but with reduced functions. The role of “Rome capital”, by virtue of an investiture deriving from representativeness on a historical level, thanks to the public financial resources, provided for by special legislation and borne by Italian taxpayers, is also to help and encourage the growth of other cities , as representative and responsible for their interests and guarantor of their prerogatives and values. Not that of engulfing, monopolizing them, activities and functions even to the detriment of the country’s interests. We never talk about the Roman hunting reserve represented by the former Alitalia (a company that could become strategic for the purpose of relaunching international tourism) and all the parastate in Milan. It is time to start thinking about it.

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Colombo Clerici Assoedilizia RAI Milan step recovery country

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