Milan, the factory of golf talents

Milan, the factory of golf talents
Milan, the factory of golf talents

Fabrizio Ponciroli
His name is Lorenzo Marconi and he is a high performance coach. His profession? Valuing athletes as people, even more than as athletes.
“Mine is an interesting story. I was born as a financial analyst, a job I have been doing for 25 years. I’ve always been interested in psychology. I decided to create a sports company. I started with an athlete, now I’m about 30 », explains Lorenzo Marconi.
Among the athletes managed through the Passion4 company, there are five golfers (four professionals and one amateur): «The mind in golf is everything. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus always says that golf is the thing that is played between the two ears. Knowing how to manage emotions during the strike is crucial ».
The professional golfers who work with Lorenzo Marconi are Edoardo Lipparelli (1997), Giacomo Fortini (1996), Stefano Ciapparelli (1996) and Alessandro Aloi (1996). «I don’t turn a player into a champion but I try to prepare him to become a champion. The weapons already have them, my job is to make them understand how to use them best. Giacomo Fortini applies a lot, he could really become a champion ».
From Milan, Lorenzo Marconi works daily to give life to a new generation of golf champions: «They are all still very young. The most mature is 25 years old. If we think that Molinari has won a lot between the ages of 34 and 37, we understand that there is time and way to grow a lot more ». The important thing is not to define him as a mental coach: «I prefer high performance coach. Mental coach gives the idea of ​​someone who works on the mind but, in reality, what I do is help the athlete to understand how to behave in certain situations ».
One step at a time to give life to a generation of future golf champions (and not only): «In the United States, there is no top-tier athlete who does not have a performance coach. We are getting there in Italy ». Lorenzo Marconi of Passion4 takes care of it in Milan.
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Milan factory golf talents

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