the new theatrical guided tour in Rome

the new theatrical guided tour in Rome
the new theatrical guided tour in Rome

A theatrical visit that brings to the stage the crime story, the one that no one can forget today, this is it “The Aldo Moro case: Italy that could have been”, unique and exclusive theatrical guided tour of its kind, proposed by “Hadrian’s Travels”, in collaboration with the theater company Fenix1530 Luca
Basile Productions
, which yesterday presented the first two appointments, dedicated to one of the thorniest and most controversial cases in Italian history.

A journey that starts to discover the places that have been the background to an increasingly international Italian story to try to understand, after more than 40 years, what was the role of the Red Brigades, which, although important, turns out not to be so. decisive. So who were the players in this chess game? What danger did Moro represent and the Italy that he himself represented? Questions and answers that will make the audience enter the heart of the story.

A theatrical guided tour, which is an original format of Luca Basile, protagonist in a triple role as author, director and actor who, through a meticulous and painstaking study of the story, studying texts (from “Il puzzle Moro” by Giovanni Fasanella to “Moro. The case is not closed. The unspoken truth” by Giuseppe Fioroni and Maria Antonietta Calabrò) passing through letters, audio and video recordings and, even, choosing the music for the relative soundtrack, he created in toto “The Moro case: Italy that could have been”.

Piero Giovinazzo, Director in charge of “I Viaggi di Adriano” immediately included in the new 2021 programming this exclusive theatrical visit – which makes use of Luca Pietrosanti as a guide and art historian – who consolidates a ten-year collaboration with the theater company Fenix1530 Luca
Basile Productions

With Luca Basile (which begins with a difficult part, that of General Dalla Chiesa), the actors last night Ilario Crudetti(whose final monologue also snatches the necessary emotion, as well as the final applause) e Giovanni Bonacci (perfect and spot on in all roles), engaged in real theatrical plays of all respect, in the most characteristic corners that marked the 55 days of Aldo Moro’s imprisonment, between Largo Argentina, Via Caetani (where the body was found in trunk of the famous red Renault 4) the Ghetto. A theatrical representation, with changes of clothes, strictly 70s and characters (there are those who even interpret 5), worthy of the stage of a theater of the highest category, never predictable or banal.

A Moro who during the narration is defined as “an artist of politics” and his killing a real “crime of abandonment”, for the rest I will not spoil anything else, for obvious reasons.

At the end of the visit, we wanted to ask, just a Luca Basile, how Il Caso Moro was born: “When I wrote“ The Moro case: Italy that could be ”I admit that I had never been a fan of the subject. It had always seemed a terribly nebulous, complicated issue to me. A distant national history, surrounded by an aura of conspiracy and many forms of conspiracy. I was wrong in so many ways. The echo of the Moro case is not relegated to the 1970s but also tragically affects the present of our country and, above all, it is not a case limited to Italy but an international issue, where there have been many pawns, to start with the Red Brigades. If, however, the common perception is that of an elusive case, with indefinite contours on which it is useless to insist, it is because the many actors, for 40 years, have done their job of misdirection and sabotage very well that only the recent desecretion of the American documentation and English was able to fully highlight.

As Frank Coppola, boss of the Italian-American mafia says, “Moro wanted a government of solidarity? He had solidarity, of all against him, however. If Moro died some “pigghiunu u skies that manu for joy”. The collaboration between the parts of the anti-communist clandestine army between the police forces and the Italian state, secret services of allied countries, gray areas of dialogue between international terrorist agencies, local mafia, IOR, left and right extremism have marked the point highest interference by friendly allied states in Italian domestic politics, culminating in what was a real coup d’état, disguised as a different subversive action in Italy, as the title of an English dossier clearly states.

A collaboration necessary to stop “a country that had lost the war but was winning the postwar period”. That of President Aldo Moro was a crime of “abandonment” by the state and the truth needs time. 43 years have passed and Moro’s story has been almost rewritten in many parts after access to the new documentation and the tireless work of the Parliamentary Commission on the Moro case, the results of which were presented in 2017. still shrewd and many no longer seek to know, no longer seek the truth. A beautiful stone above the Moro case would be the greatest masterpiece of a very long work of disinformation. This is why I decided to write and interpret in “The Moro case: Italy that could be”, because as the President of the DC said “the truth, dear friends, is greater than any advantage. Give me millions of votes on one side and take an atom of truth from me on the other side and I will still be the loser ”. And I am convinced that until we have the courage to know the truth we will all be losers. “

Therefore, not only crime news in this theatrical visit but the search for a hidden truth, one of the most controversial crimes and political facts of the last 50 years of Italian history.

Will Luca Basile, his fellow actors Ilario Crudetti and Giovanni Bonacci, and I Viaggi di Adriano be able to settle the skein of the Moro case?

Certainly “The Aldo Moro case: Italy that could have been” it intrigued us, excited us and more than positively impressed and involved, perfect the whole organization and the extraordinary protagonists.

If you missed it, don’t worry, the 19 and 26 June with a double shift at 18 and 20.30, departing from Largo di Torre Argentina.

For all the info and the relative obligatory reservations, the groups are limited as foreseen by the regional ordinance: 334 3006636 or online

Absolutely good the first, applause to everyone !!!

Article by Stefania Vaghi

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