Covid, when the coronavirus will disappear: Remuzzi’s prediction

The director of the pharmacological institute Mario Negri speculates the date of the disappearance of the coronavirus

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 will not be enough to eliminate Sars-CoV-2 in the short term. There are several scientists who support the need to learn to live with the coronavirus for a long time, However, Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi tried to provide a time horizon. Guest of “Half an hour more” on Rai 3, the director of the Mario Negri Institute in Milan has in fact hypothesized how long the virus will spread across the planet.

Covid will perhaps disappear around 2024. These are difficult things to predict, also because while in Italy children under five do not get sick and are not contagious, in Brazil they die, perhaps due to the gamma variant. It is really difficult to imagine a world without coronavirus for the next three to four years, ”said Remuzzi, interviewed by Lucia Annunziata.

For this reason, he added “it is necessary to do everything that is possible to stem this phenomenon, which means vaccinating the entire world population in the shortest possible time”.

The director of the research institute also commented on the state of the art of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign in Italy: “Teenagers must be vaccinated – he stressed – the problem is when they must be vaccinated compared to planning a vaccination campaign. Right now in Italy we have some priorities: we still have 10% of those over 60 and 50% of those over 50 who have not been vaccinated. We have to vaccinate 85-90% of the over-30s“.

“Once this is done – he continued – it will then be necessary to favor the second dose for the elderly and for those with risk depending on the possibility that the delta variant, the Indian one, will arrive in Italy“, Widespread in our country to a lesser extent, but which worries countries with very high vaccination coverage against Covid-19 such as the United Kingdom.

Virgil News | 06-06-2021 20:35

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Covid coronavirus disappear Remuzzis prediction

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