Vaccini, from 12-year-old Ada to the open day in Rieti: the campaign for teenagers begins. Remuzzi: “But now the priority remains for the over 30s”

It is also the turn of the vaccines ai teenagers: a Rieti the first Junior Open day dedicated to children between 12 and 16 years had twice as much support than expected, while a Torino she has already been vaccinated in recent days There is, the first 12-year-old in Italy to receive a dose. The goal is “to stop the transmission of the virus as much as possible,” he stresses Sergio Abrignani, member of the Cts. “The reason why we try to vaccinate adolescents is above all that of not having millions of people with a high level of sociability where they can develop variants“, He explains to ‘In half an hour more’ on Rai3. The priority, however, remains the vaccination of “susceptible to reduce mortality”. Above all, he reiterates it Giuseppe Remuzzi, director of the Mario Negri Institute in Milan: “Right now in Italy we have some priorities: we still have the 10% of over 60 and the 50% of over 50 who have not been vaccinated. We have to vaccinate 85-90% of those over thirty ”.

The administrations of the Pfizer vaccine to the age group between 12 and 15 years have been given the green light by theAifa only last Monday. Before, the compound made by the US multinational and Biontech could only be administered agli over 16. For the other vaccines – Moderna, AstraZeneca / Vaxzevria and Johnson & Johnson – the limit is still set at 18 years. The audience of people who can get vaccinated thus widens by 2.3 million kids. “Teenagers must be vaccinated – Remuzzi points out, always speaking at ‘half an hour more’ up Rai3 – the problem is when they should be vaccinated with respect to planning of a vaccination campaign “. According to the director of the Negri Institute, the vaccination of all over 30s must first be completed, then “it will be necessary to privilege second dose for Older people and for those at risk depending on the possibility that it arrives in Italy the delta variant, that indiana“, Already present in very low percentages, but which is spreading rapidly in the UK. “Teenagers need to be vaccinated, but not now given that the priority is to finish vaccinations for people who are most at risk of hospitalization ”, concludes Remuzzi.

The first teenager vaccinated is Ada, 12 year old from Livorno who lives in Turin. The Tyrrhenian Sea writes that the young woman suffers from one rare disease and therefore immediately fell into the category of people fragile. “Since October it hasn’t been out more than home, now his is a beautiful message ”, his parents told the newspaper. They, having a fragile daughter, had already been vaccinated between April and May. The real liberation, however, came with the green light before the EMA and then Aifa for vaccinations also for adolescents: a few hours were enough for the little girl to be able to get an appointment for the first dose at the San Giovanni Bosco hospital Torino.

In Rieti, however, on Sunday 6 June, the first Lazio Junior Open day started, dedicated to children between 12 and 16 years of age. The first vaccination was carried out at ore 9 o’clock. They had been scheduled for the appointment 120 doses Pfizer, but “given the big one adhesion we have doubled the number of doses for the initiative and are approx 200 kids who will get vaccinated, ”he explains Emma Giordani, in charge of the vaccination campaign for the ASL of Rieti. The teens were divided into groups of 20 for each hour to ensure that they were able to complete their dosing smoothly.

The first very young vaccinated in Lazio are Anna, a 14 year old from Rieti, e Leonardo, aged 12. Mom and son, resident in Palestrina, they arrived in Rieti on Saturday and slept in the car to be among the first to be called this morning. “When I heard about the Junior open day I didn’t think twice. IS’ an important occasion to take back our life, our freedom ”, he says Dario, a 16 year old after being vaccinated in Rieti. “I am athletic and with the vaccine I feel more serene”.

The other Regions have also opened to reservations for the youngest: throughout theEmilia Romagna from Monday, reservations are open for all citizens under 40 years: we will proceed in a staggered manner, with windows spaced two or three days apart for every age group. To begin – it is highlighted in a note – will be the boys between 12 and 19 years, Monday and Tuesday 8. In Veneto as of June 3 they were already over 100 thousand children between 21 and 12 years to request the first dose. In Lombardy the 12-29 age bracket already exceeded 580 thousand bookings on Saturday. In Puglia instead we prefer to provide an ad hoc window: students aged 12 to 15 years from 23 august they will have sessions vaccination dedicate by the local health authorities and school offices, with the recall starting from September 13.

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