In Genoa an eighteen year old hospitalized in Neurosurgery diagnosed with thrombosis. On May 25, she was vaccinated with Astrazeneca

One is hospitalized at the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa 18 year old girl diagnosed with thrombosis cavernous sinus. She was operated on twice, first to remove the thrombus and then to reduce intracranial pressure. On May 25, she attended a vaccination open day and was given a dose of Astrazeneca. The Liguria Region, who made the case known, made it known that “the management of the polyclinic has activated the required reports as part of the pharmacovigilance towards Aifa in which also i medications taken after vaccination “. There are currently no elements linking vaccination with thrombosis.

On June 3, the girl went to the emergency room with headache e photophobia. Brain CT scan and neurological examination were both negative. She was then discharged with a recommendation to repeat blood tests after 15 days. On June 5, she returned to the emergency room with motor deficits. Subjected to cerebral CT with hemorrhagic outcome, she was immediately transferred to the Neurosurgery of San Martino.

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Genoa eighteen year hospitalized Neurosurgery diagnosed thrombosis vaccinated Astrazeneca

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