Love is the best medicine to heal from Covid

Love is the best medicine to heal from Covid
Love is the best medicine to heal from Covid

The letter with which the doctor who first faced Covid in the Codogno hospital, where Covid made its first appearance, announces that the anti-Covid ward is closed is wonderful: it is a memorable letter because that doctor was also a sick person Covid, then experimented with the disease and therapy on himself. He knows what he’s talking about.

When the last patient who has overcome the disease is discharged, Dr. Francesco Tursi, pulmonologist (Covid is a lung disease) writes to Asst in Lodi to thank everyone, because he needed the help of all as a doctor, to heal, and as a sick person, to heal.

“There is nothing that is as good as the gaze of even a single patient, who feels brought back from death to life”. It is a “rise”, and he says so that, being infected, he felt “fall”. The fall is rapid, the ascent is slow.

The ascent needs the help of even the humblest hospital workers, the nurses: “Who spent themselves without sparing themselves, putting their lives at risk for the good of others”.

This vision of nurses, not as professional people, who do what they know, but as brothers of the patients, to whom they want to relieve pain, is present in all those recovered from Covid.

They feel healed not by science, but by love. This feeling of being loved is greatest at night when the need for help is greatest.

The doctor from Codogno says: “In the nights, those that seemed insurmountable for some patients, you were a beacon, a powerful and sweet light”: it is the first time I see the words “powerful” and “sweet” joined together, here put together mean that the sick (I correct myself: the dying) of Covid, lying in their beds, unable to breathe, when they saw a nurse approaching they thought “he is powerful, he can help me”, and “he is good, he wants to help me “.

Everyone worked to save the sick. Even the cleaners: “Patients’ rooms have always been clean.”

This is important, because it allows the sufferer to feel important. I had a friend with cancer, there was no wastepaper basket in her room, as if the hospital were telling her: “For you it would be wasted.”

What inhumanity! Respecting the sick person means saying to him: you are important to me. It is with this philosophy that the anti-Covid department has won the battle, and today it can be closed.

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