Christian De Sica thunders in defense of his family: the outburst is furious

06 June 2021 13:06

Loud and clear, the message that Christian De Sica addressed to them a few hours ago through a post – later removed – that clearly revealed his anger, caused by unspecified but obviously intolerable circumstances, will have reached the mysterious recipients.

“To those few who want me badly. We are strong and you are not even worth a c ** zo ”, wrote the actor on the photo that portrays him together with his family, made up of his wife Silvia Verdone (Carlo’s sister) and their children Maria Rosa and Brando. The brief but very exhaustive outburst of the anger felt for some wrong suffered was not followed by any other clarification, not even in the face of the requests of the many followers who asked the Roman interpreter the reason for such a declaration. And among those who supported the lapidary statement and those who commented with irony using their own historical expression of the film ‘Schoolmate’, “Delicatissimo”, there was no lack of those who suspected that someone may have hacked their account …

(Below is the post by Christian De Sica, published and then removed from Instagram)

Christian De Sica’s family

Christian De Sica, son of the great Vittorio and the Spanish actress María Mercader, is married to Silvia Verdone, Carlo’s sister. The two met when Christian and Carlo attended high school (they were classmates), got engaged despite her family’s initial perplexities due to the seven-year age difference, and married in 1980. Two children were born from their love. : Brando, director, and Maria Rosa, stylist.

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Christian Sica thunders defense family outburst furious

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