Saman Abbas disappeared, his uncle’s shocking sentence in chat: “A job done well”

Reggio Emilia, 6 June 2021 – “We did a job well done”. These are the chilling words he would have reported Danish Hasnain, the uncle of Saman Abbas, the 18-year-old disappeared for over a month for which it is hypothesized l‘murder, confide in a chat to a person very close to him. The 33-year-old is believed to be the material performer of the crime, and the terrible sentence would be in the possession of the investigators. It is not yet clear if the “job” was linked to having killed Saman, but for the carabinieri it is a further element that identifies the culpability of the uncle.

Saman was reportedly killed on the night between April 30 and May 1. But there is another disturbing detail. The young woman, also on April 30, would have heard her mother talking to someone about her death: her mother indicated killing as the only “solution” for a woman who does not abide by the Pakistani rules of life.

He would have confided this in an audio sent to his 21-year-old boyfriend (and then reported to the carabinieri), a boy whom the family had always opposed. The young woman then asked her mother, Nazia Shaheen, for clarification, which she allegedly denied. But shortly after Saman had written again to her boyfriend: “I heard it with my ears, I swear they were talking about me …”.

Meanwhile, Saman’s friends have revealed the girl chats: “She used to say hello to us thinking of going to her boyfriend”, they say. So Saman would be tricked by the family into not reporting anything to social services or police, until he is accompanied by his parents out of the house, on the evening of April 30 – as they demonstrate the images of the video surveillance of the area – carrying a backpack, the same one that a little later is seen in the hands of Saman’s family, but without a trace of the girl.

“Two years ago already Saman she had opposed a first pre-defined wedding from his father “, always with a relative in Pakistan. This is what the 18-year-old’s boyfriend reported to the carabinieri, as reported by the Corriere. The boy is a 21-year-old compatriot, resident in Italy but not in Emilia, which Saman would have met through social media in 2019.

From last summer, however, the two would have seen each other more frequently, even when the 18-year-old was in the protected center of Bologna. A story that certainly did not cheer his father Shabbar Abbas: “He wanted to denounce him then (the arranged marriage, ed). He told me he was afraid ” the 21-year-old allegedly reiterated in the testimony offered to the carabinieri, as well as telling how Saman was worried about her boyfriend’s health, as Shabbar had indirectly threatened him.

Meanwhile, he emerged as the 18-year-old’s uncle, Danish Hasnain, 33 years old, considered by the investigators to be the material executor of the alleged murder, was stopped in Imperia, in the direction of France, in a normal border control on 9 May. Saman’s underage brother was also with him. The young man, without documents, had been arrested, while his uncle (himself without a material useful for identification), as an adult, would have had to return the following day with documentation. Obviously he never did. Saman’s brother then identified the alleged murderer in his uncle “with the complicity of the parents”. The turning point in the investigation was that normal border control. But at that moment it was impossible to arrest him zio Danish Hasnain: formally on 9 May it was not investigated, and even less were murders suspected.

The searches in the Valleys between Novellara, Campagnola e Reggiolo, in an area greater than seventy hectares of open countryside, they do not stop. No stone is left unturned to find the key evidence that could confirm the murder hypothesis: the remains of Saman, the eighteen-year-old Pakistani woman who disappeared into thin air for over a month and that the Reggio Prosecutor’s Office believes she was killed, with the body hidden in the fields, not far from the house annexed to the company where the Abbas family has been working for some time.

This weekend, albeit with a small number of people, the soil coring activities are continuing, in view of a return of the canine nucleus of Bologna, to examine the countryside areas not yet sounded by the molecular dogs under the police force. . But as early as next week, the help of a electromagnetometer, a state-of-the-art technological device, for a more in-depth scan of the subsoil from above, this time hoping to be able to overcome the difficulties encountered with the use of other tools due to the chemical composition of the soil.

It is a device, which could also be installed on a drone in order to extend the range of action in a very large area, which is usually used in archaeological and environmental research. It is a tool that allows to obtain resistivity (or conductivity) verticals which, properly treated, can provide information on the nature of the subsoil or the possible presence of anomalous bodies, such as underground walls, ancient road paving, pottery, bodies metal, weapons of war, up to the presence of human remains, even more than five meters below the ground layer.

And it is precisely on this that the investigators count, pointing towards some limited areas where it is assumed that the girl’s body may have been abandoned. But we are already ready to extend the range of action of the research, with the sophisticated instrument, even beyond the fields of the area. Hopefully the presence of the tight for the cultivation of fruit, in particular watermelons and melons, is not an obstacle to this type of survey, especially for the basic structures of the greenhouses themselves, which often reach deep into the ground.

In recent weeks, the research from the ground, with the molecular dogs and with the investigations in water wells and in the canals, it was also supported by the top-down view with i drones. Investigations that so far have not provided the elements sought for weeks.

“We warned Saman that he was risking his life.” It was this the response of social services della Bassa published yesterday in the Carlino, in answering the many questions that characterized the last (alleged) twenty days of the 18-year-old Pakistani’s life. But the one who insisted most of all, as already written in these columns on June 1st, was a marshal of the Novellara station. On 11 April Saman Abbass leaves the Bolognese community to return home: this is the third time this has happened (as evidenced by the three complaints for voluntary removal in his name).

But from then on he was alone the marshal of Novellara to realize the gravity of the situationis. As already reiterated, between 20 and 21 April he went twice to the Abbas’ home, finding Saman.

Once the expulsion complaint was closed, the soldier did not give up, insisting with the 18-year-old to get out of that cursed house, perhaps foreseeing that there, unfortunately, he was not absolutely safe. Only at that point does the process to find a new accommodation begin, but when social services return to the Abbas house on May 3, there is already no trace of Saman.

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Saman Abbas disappeared, the shocking sentence of his uncle in chat:


Saman Abbas disappeared, the shocking sentence of his uncle in chat:


Saman Abbas disappeared, the shocking sentence of his uncle in chat:


Saman Abbas disappeared, the shocking sentence of his uncle in chat:


Saman Abbas disappeared, the shocking sentence of his uncle in chat:


Saman Abbas disappeared, the shocking sentence of his uncle in chat:


Saman Abbas disappeared, the shocking sentence of his uncle in chat:


Saman Abbas disappeared, the shocking sentence of his uncle in chat:

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