MotoGP Catalonia, Valentino Rossi: “Great missed opportunity”

MotoGP Catalonia, Valentino Rossi: “Great missed opportunity”
MotoGP Catalonia, Valentino Rossi: “Great missed opportunity”

He started eleventh in the Catalan Grand Prix, Valentino Rossi lost five positions at the end of the first lap and from then on he struggled a lot riding his Yamaha M1. He didn’t see the checkered flag, but the Doctor did an uphill race in which he fought, all the time, with the hard rear tire, which never gave him the right feeling.

His explanation

To the microphones of Sky Sport he told: “It was a bad race because we expected to go well. We worked with the hard tire in practice, but also in warm up and I was fast and had a good pace“. The choice therefore had been well thought out and everything was in line with the tests made previously.

The problem immediately highlighted: “I already felt bad on the reconnaissance lap, the tire had no grip and I was in a lot of trouble. It slipped a lot and there were vibrations. Yet the temperatures were exactly that of the fp4. It was difficult to drive, I slowly came out of the corners. I was expecting a lot more, it was very strange. I was losing six or seven tenths a lap and we don’t know why. We are investigating”.

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Now he will focus on testing

There remains therefore a bitter taste in the mouth for a test that could have had a different ending and the disappointed 42-year-old admitted: For us it was a great shame, we expected to have a good race. It was a huge missed opportunity”.
Tomorrow is another day and the MotoGP riders will stop at the Montmlò circuit to carry out a test: “I know there is something new from Yamaha to try. And then we’ll try again to mount the same tires to see what the sensations will be “.

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MotoGP Catalonia Valentino Rossi Great missed opportunity

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