‘in OCTOBER the VIRUS could come back again’, Prof. BASSETTI explained why “ILMETEO.it

‘in OCTOBER the VIRUS could come back again’, Prof. BASSETTI explained why “ILMETEO.it
‘in OCTOBER the VIRUS could come back again’, Prof. BASSETTI explained why “ILMETEO.it

COVID: ‘in OCTOBER the VIRUS could return again’, Prof. BASSETTI explained why

COVID-19 could RETURN IN OCTOBERMatteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, returns to talk about the coronavirus emergency and projects his look to the next AUTUMN when COVID-19 it could go back to circulation compromising our daily life again.

“This summer we must be ants and not cicadas if we don’t want to be attacked by the virus again in October”. He also reveals that he has no doubts about vaccinating the youngest. “On Monday reservations will open for kids, I have two children aged 12 and 16 and both my wife and I have no doubt about getting them vaccinated “.Vaccination for adolescents is essential for Bassetti in view of the return to school as reported by Libero Quotidiano. “I believe that if we want to encircle this virus we have to work in two ways. On the one hand, to secure the most fragile, the oldest as we are doing and we have already done, and on the other hand, to defeat it, we must create herd immunity and it takes ‘school immunity’ so we want our children to go back to school in attendance in September, because this is the real school and not Dad “, he reveals.

“On these diseases there is also a law that requires the vaccine, I do not think that we should get to the obligation, at least I do not think so today, but as a doctor and as a father I am here to suggest vaccination also for children”, he explains and then returns to the arrival of summer. We do not underestimate the possibility that this virus will come back to attack us ad
OCTOBER hopefully to a lesser extent. The virus in October will not attack us if we have been good in these three months to be an ant, to put a lot of hay in the farmhouse, let’s avoid making the cicada this summer saying now the problem is over “
, concludes Bassetti.



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