in Rome alone it is worth 3.5 million a day-

in Rome alone it is worth 3.5 million a day-
in Rome alone it is worth 3.5 million a day-

Tripled admissions and rising receipts. And the one-hour postponement of the curfew could cause them to rise further. After months of closures and sacrifices, the 360,000 bars, restaurants, pizzerias and agritourisms of Italy are beginning to hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the new rules that authorize the consumption of meals even indoors. For Coldiretti this is a real turning point that brings the total supply of seats at the table to over 7 million. Only on weekends, according to the association, most of the weekly turnover is realized and the reopening indoors a breath of fresh air for the majority of the premises that do not have outdoor spaces.

Boom in weekend takings and with a curfew at 24

Many restaurateurs without outdoor spaces and despite the possibility of organizing outdoor tables and dehors without having to pay for public land until 31 December 2021, have preferred to remain closed. The authorization to reopen therefore also indoors from last June 1st gave them a breath of fresh air too. And the postponement of the curfew to midnight, from Monday 7 June, will give a further boost to attendance and receipts. According to the Fiepet Confesercenti of Rome, only in the capital the slippage can increase the turnover of 3.5 million to restaurateurs per day. Claudio Pica, president of Fiepet Confesercenti of Rome and Lazio explains: In the restaurants it will be possible to foresee two shifts, then there will be after dinners, cocktails and in general more people around. The hope of exceeding 50 million in turnover next weekend, with an increase of 15%. The lengthening of the curfew, Coldiretti underlines, will also greatly help the agritourisms, located in rural areas far from the cities and therefore reachable in a longer time.


Rome worth million day Corriereit

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