Misadventures on the set: 7 actors who were fired (and replaced by others) while shooting a movie

June 6, 2021 – 12:34 pm

Not always, after getting a part in a film, everything goes smoothly: from Natalie Portman to Harvey Keitel, 7 (+1) stories of (sensational) layoffs

of Arianna Ascione

The hard life of an actor / actress: you face an audition, you pass it, you get the part, but not yet time to rejoice. In fact, it can happen to be fired (and replaced by someone else) even at the last moment, even when the shooting has already begun. happened to many in the golden world of Hollywood: Natalie Portman for example in 1995 had been chosen to play Juliet in Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann, but the producers – after seeing the rehearsals of some scenes – felt that she was too young for that role (she was 14 and looked a few years younger, Leonardo DiCaprio – the other protagonist of the film – was 8 more). In his place they took the then 17-year-old Claire Danes.

June 6, 2021 | 12:34



Misadventures set actors fired replaced shooting movie

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