Djokovic-Musetti, Nadal-Sinner at Roland Garros: where to see them on TV. The young Italy does not start off beaten

June 6, 2021 – 12:18 pm

Fire Monday at Roland Garros: Federer-Berrettini jumps for the retirement of the Swiss, the other two Azzurri challenge the tennis elite in the second round. The matches seen by coach Filippo Volandri

of Gaia Piccardi

Manic Monday at Roland Garros (live on Eurosport). The young Italy – Sinner and Musetti, 19 (with less than seven months difference between them) – challenge the elite of world tennis in the round of 16 of the world championship on clay. For the retirement of the Swiss Federer-Berrettini jumps, Lorenzo Musetti takes the field against the number one Novak Djokovic (second match on the central after Gauff-Jabeur, at the start at noon), Jannik Sinner challenges the landlord (13 Parisian titles in the galley ) Rafa Nadal (no earlier than 4 pm). The work of good private coaches (Tartarini for Lorenzo, Santopadre for Matteo, Piatti for Jannik) who immediately believed in precocious talents, supported by the structures of Tirrenia (Jannik less: he trains in Bordighera), by federal teachers (one above all , the excellent Umberto Rianna: decisive in Berrettini’s constant progress and precious also for Musetti in the transition to professionalism) and supervised by the watchful eye of the new Davis Cup coach Filippo Volandri (who will reunite the troops in November in Turin, when Sinner and Musetti will debut in blue), leads to the most anticipated confrontation: it is the matches against the most prestigious and strongest players that tell you where you are in your growth process. Matthew Futterman, on New York Times, wanders in search of explanations: What made tennis Italy so strong? how to ask for directions to go to Rome: many answers, none that seem better than the others. Not so difficult, Matthew: champions are born, champions are made. The Italian school, which in the past has produced two male Slam kings (Pietrangeli and Panatta, there is also Francesca Schiavone), not inferior to the others. Of course he works on smaller numbers than the continents (USA, South America, Russia), but with the driving force of the triad Berrettini-Sinner-Musetti (cited in order of ranking: n.9, n.19, n.76) expect a boom in tennis schools higher than that of the 80s, which followed the triumph of Panatta at Roland Garros, the last of a blue in a Grand Slam. It was running in 1976.

Adriano Panatta, Italian king in Paris in 1976

June 6, 2021 | 12:18



DjokovicMusetti NadalSinner Roland Garros young Italy start beaten

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