Death Willy Monteiro, murals vandalized in Pescara: paint on the face of the young man attacked and killed in Colleferro

06 June 2021 15:11

The work was created by the Abruzzo street artist Ipman in September 2020 and depicted the 21-year-old as a superhero

The white paint on purpose by unknown persons it hides the smiling face of the 21 year old killed in Colleferro (Rome). The work was created by the Abruzzo street artist in September 2020.

The lawyer raised the alarm via social media Florenzo Coletti, which a Tgcom24, comments: “I do not hide the fact that seeing that image, which is near my professional studio and therefore kept me company every day, reduced like this, hurt me a lot”.

Willy was savagely and repeatedly beaten by the pack for trying to defend a friend.

Just on June 10 the first hearing for the brothers Marco and Gabriele Bianchi and their friends Mario Pincarelli and Francesco Belleggia, all accused of voluntary homicide, is set before the Court of Assizes of the Court of Frosinone.


Death Willy Monteiro murals vandalized Pescara paint face young man attacked killed Colleferro

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