“My story must light up a beacon on violence and rudeness”

“My story must light up a beacon on violence and rudeness”
“My story must light up a beacon on violence and rudeness”
The text of the letter

We are speechless, even bewildered, by the solidarity and the quantity of messages received in a few hours. We felt the need to make the story known because it was right to bring to light two major problems that afflict our country: the dangerous situations and the aggressions of which many health workers are victims on a daily basis at work and the consequences of a background attack. racial about a man and his family.

We are perfectly aware how the social problems of recent years have fueled the fears and prejudices of many Italians. However, we believe that even where there is an initial and perhaps inevitable distrust, this should never turn into rudeness or, worse, into an aggression, even if only of a verbal type. People have to be judged for their actions and that’s it. We hope that the solidarity received in these hours can move the souls of those who in the future will find themselves witnessing situations of violence like this. Because the community that can make a difference

PFor this we want to underline how in many years in Padua we have never felt victims of discrimination and despite evident social problems, ours proves to be an inclusive city. Trust in others prevails in us and the belief that Italians are not racists. In Chioggia we also got to know friendly and helpful people. It would be a mistake to make us first of all the grass a bundle. We are receiving numerous requests for interviews and TV appearances, we believe that we have made enough statements. The media coverage of this sad episode has exceeded our perhaps naive expectation.

In this particular moment we feel the need to return to our everyday life and to the confidentiality that distinguishes us. This exposure, positive for the reasons set out above, is proving to be counterproductive for the personal elaboration of what happened. We prefer that the affair is now handled in the appropriate places. We would like to publicly thank: all the INPS staff, in particular the regional director Antonio Pone, the provincial director Vincenzo Petrosino, Dr. Mario Sanna, the president of the Pasquale Tridico Institute and the general director Gabriella Di Michele. The whole Order of Doctors and the president Giovanni Leoni. The Municipality of Chioggia, the mayor Alessandro Ferro and the municipal councilor Barbara Penzo. The carabinieri of Padua and the lieutenant Giancarlo Merli.

All the journalists, who treated the subject with delicacy and understanding. In particular the Courier of the Veneto who, in a moment of emotional fragility, was the first to collect our testimony. In the excitement of these moments we have certainly forgotten someone and we apologize. Finally, we thank the countless citizens, also from the city of Chioggia, who have expressed their support for us; we haven’t been able to read all the messages yet. Thank you so much

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