LIVE Basket 3 × 3, LIVE Pre-Olympic: Italy-Hungary, final for the Olympics at 19:20 – OA Sport

LIVE Basket 3 × 3, LIVE Pre-Olympic: Italy-Hungary, final for the Olympics at 19:20 – OA Sport
LIVE Basket 3 × 3, LIVE Pre-Olympic: Italy-Hungary, final for the Olympics at 19:20 – OA Sport


17:58 The final will be Italy-Hungary: the Magyars beat Taipei 21-9 in their semifinal, in a way that does not surprise anyone.

So we meet again at 19:20 for the final of the Pre-Olympic in Debrecen, and we will of course inform you about the name of the opponent!

So the blue path continues, in about twenty minutes we will know who between Hungary and Taipei will challenge the blue in the last battle towards Tokyo.


0/2 D’Alie.

Two free D’Alie. 8 ″ 8 at the end.

14-11 Kuijt tries again from the arc.

14-9 And again D’Alie with 33 ″ to play!

0/2 Driessen.

Two free now for Driessen.

13-9 D’ALIE! Entrance!

12-9 1/2 Madeira. Then there is the contested ball, Italy possession.

Foul by Jill on Madera, two free with 59 ″ from the end. First time out.

11-9 Crushed by D’Alie for Madeira!

10-9 Ancora D’Alie!

Sixth Italy foul by D’Alie to prevent the reception of Driessen. Now the next fouls will set everyone free.

2’01 “at the end. 5 fouls Italy, 6 Holland.

9-9 From the Loyce arc, 2’27 ”to the end.

9-7 Movement show by Consolini!

8-7 Stepback D’Alie!

Driessen commits the sixth Dutch foul. From the next they are free.

3’31 “at the end and there is the second time out.

7-7 Entrance of Consolini!

6-7 Leaning on the Kuijt glass.

6-6 Pari D’Alie!

5-6 Driessen from the average.

5-5 Nice round and shot of Madeira!

4-5 Holland comes forward.

Wrong the free Rollers.

Internal discharge of D’Alie for Rulli, suffers the foul on the shot and goes to the line when the halfway point arrives. 3 fouls Italy, 5 Netherlands.

4-4 Driessen equalizes from the arc.

4-2 Nice Rulli fadeaway!

First TV time out after 3’07 “

3-2 Consolini takes the central highway.

After 2’26 ”, 2-2 fouls count.

2-2 Rebound in attack by Madeira who scores.

1-2 Loyce scored in support.

1-1 Driessen from the left side.

1-0 D’Alie incoming.

17:10 It begins! First possession Holland.

17:09 Introduced the two teams, very short warm-up and then off we go!

17:08 There is good weather in Debrecen, where the first semifinal is about to start.

17:07 Let’s summarize the main rules of 3 × 3: a single 10-minute quarter, which stops when a team reaches 21 or 22 points. The foul bonus is reached at 7, shots inside the arc are worth one point and those from outside are worth two. The mode is that of the single half court.

17:05 In the live stream in which we are going to accompany you, we will mention the two Bettonvils, for simplicity and speed, like Jill and Loyce, given the rapid nature of 3 × 3.

17:02 A few more minutes at the start of this semifinal, an all-European duel that in some ways is also a classic of the latest editions of various continental events and beyond.

16:59 We recall that the 3 × 3 will be at its Olympic debut in Tokyo, with this Pre-Olympic tournament in particular which is reserved for those teams that have not had representation in any basketball context in London 2012 and Rio 2016.

16:56 For Italy, on the other hand, the implementation discourse is more or less fair (and broader in terms of points because they were less fought matches): 12 Consolini, 10 D’Alie, Madera and Rulli.

16:53 So far the Dutch selection can boast 15 points overall from Ilse Kuijt, 11 from Jill Bettonvil, 9 from Loyce Bettonvil, 8 from Noortje Driessen.

16:50 So let’s get closer to the confrontation that interests us most, the one between Andrea Capobianco’s team and the Dutch.

16:47 With two free throws Slovenia wins over Romania 21-12 and will go to challenge Hungary in the semifinals. The Magyars are therefore present with both teams in their Olympic hopes in Debrecen.

16:46 The men’s matches are still being played, with Slovenia and Romania at 19-12 in their quarter-final. In the other, Mongolia beat Ukraine 19-17 and will challenge Belgium; the winner of Slovenia-Romania will face Hungary instead.

16:43 In the other semi-final, Hungary against Taipei, which incredibly beat Estonia 21-17.

16:40 Good afternoon to all OA Sport readers. We are about to experience the semi-final of the Pre-Olympic in Debrecen between Italy and the Netherlands, which will give access to the final valid for the pass for the Tokyo Olympics.

15:35 It will be Holland, after beating Iran 20-10, to face Italy in the semifinals. The appointment is for 5:10 pm.

Italy-Taipei – Italy-Iran

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the decisive phases of the second Pre-Olympic 3 × 3 basketball tournament. Italy, already in the semifinal, awaits the winner of the fourth between the Netherlands and Iran in order to then try to continue in the race towards Tokyo.

We recall the mechanism of this tournament: two groups of three, the winners directly in the penultimate act, the other two forced to the quarter-finals in order to enter the best four as regards the event that is taking place in Debrecen. A number of matches, therefore, much smaller than in Graz.

Italy made their debut yesterday by beating Taipei for 21-11, which in any case had the merit of fighting proudly without long and with three players. 21-5, on the other hand, as regards the result on the more modest Iran, never in the game from the beginning against Alie e companion in the Hungarian evening.

In the other group, which was played on Friday, host Hungary won over the Netherlands and Estonia, but without dominating as some might have thought, winning only 2 points with Holland and 3 with Estonia. A sign that, among the Europeans, there is a lot of balance and everything could really resolve itself on the details. But we will only know this in the afternoon.

Italy will play their first match at 17:10 and, should they manage to enter the final, they would return to the field at 19:20. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

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