Covid, children aged 12 to 17 vaccinated for the first time in Rieti | “Let’s take back our freedom”

06 June 2021 17:41

Given the success and to satisfy the requests, it was necessary to double the programmed doses

So far only Puglia has planned the administration to the under 16 (150 in Bari), but not to all, however, only to the frail and their families, and by direct call. No reservations were requested for the first time for teenagers in Lazio. It was enough to show up, accompanied by parents, at the provincial hospital de ‘Lellis in Rieti starting at 9 with the health card in hand: the rush for the vaccine was immediately unleashed.

The vaccine “it’s important to do it to get back to freedom”, “when I heard about the Junior open day I didn’t think twice. It’s an important occasion”, “now I can travel all over the world” one of them is enthusiastic ” , “after this vaccine I will finally be able to go and cheer on Italy at the stadium”, some of the many comments from the teenagers who approved the initiative.


Covid children aged vaccinated time Rieti Lets freedom

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