51 deaths and 2,275 cases, positivity rate of 1.5%. Lombardy, 359 infections and 16 deaths

51 deaths and 2,275 cases, positivity rate of 1.5%. Lombardy, 359 infections and 16 deaths
51 deaths and 2,275 cases, positivity rate of 1.5%. Lombardy, 359 infections and 16 deaths

Covid Bulletin today Sunday 6 June: 51 deaths (yesterday 57) and 2,275 cases, slightly down from 2,436 yesterday, according to data from the Ministry of Health. There are 149,958 molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus carried out in the last 24 hours in Italy. Yesterday there were 238,632. The positivity rate is 1.5% mind yesterday it was at 1%.. 4,963 people are hospitalized in the Covid area, down by 230 in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, there are 20 new admissions to intensive care with the balance showing -14.

Currently positive and decreasing hospitalizations

The number of positives currently stands at 192,272, down 3,097 from yesterday. The discharged / healed are 5,321, for a total of 3,913,633 since the beginning of the epidemic. 774 people are hospitalized in intensive care, 14 fewer than yesterday. 4,963 people are hospitalized with symptoms. At the territorial level, the regions with the highest number of infections are Lombardy (359), Sicily (275) and Campania (255).

Vaccines, a record weekend

Italy marks a record weekend on vaccine administration. For the second consecutive day, 600,000 injections were achieved within 24 hours. This is what emerges from the still partial update of yesterday’s data, according to which the inoculations were 598,582, but the number is destined to grow further in the next few hours. On Friday, the all-time record of 607 thousand vaccinations was recorded.

Vaccines, ISS report: “Reduction of the risk of death by 95%, hospitalization by 90% and contagion by 80%”


In Lazio, on over 7 thousand swabs (-3946) and over 11 thousand antigenic for a total of over 18 thousand tests, there are 233 new positive cases (+36), deaths are 5 (-4), hospitalized are 690 (-60) . The healed are 1125, the intensive therapies are 125 (-1). The ratio between positives and buffers is 3.2%, but if we also consider the antigenic ones the percentage drops to 1.2%. The cases in Rome city are at 115.

Covid Lazio, bulletin 6 June: 233 new cases (115 in Rome) and 5 deaths. D’Amato: “White zone incidence”


With 27,660 swabs carried out, there are 359 new cases in Lombardy, with the positivity rate slightly increasing to 1.3% (yesterday 1.1%). The number of beds occupied both in intensive care (-3, 167) and in the other wards 833 (-24) is decreasing, for a total of 1000 hospitalized. There are 16 deaths for a total of 33,669 deaths in the region since the start of the pandemic. As for the provinces, there are 114 new cases in the metropolitan city of Milan, 56 in Brescia, 48 in Bergamo, 28 in Monza and Brianza, 29 in Sondrio, 17 in Mantua and Pavia, 13 in Varese, 10 in Como, 9 in Lodi, 5 in Cremona in Lecco.


193 new coronavirus cases have been registered in Tuscany in the last twenty-four hours. The data is the one found in the daily bulletin that the Region sends every day to the National Civil Protection and which draws the trend of the epidemic. The 193 new cases, thirty-nine more than yesterday, bring the total positivity count recorded since the beginning of the health emergency sixteen months ago to 242,409. 5,985 people are currently positive in the region, 162 fewer (with a decline of 2.6 percent) compared to the day before and less than half compared to two weeks ago. Of these, 384 were hospitalized (23 fewer than yesterday, down by 5.7 per cent), of which 93 in intensive care (3 fewer, minus 3.1 per cent). Consequently, the healed also grew: increased by 0.2 per cent (an increase of 346 compared to yesterday), reaching 229,666 (94.7 per cent of total cases). And they are healed in all respects: not only without symptoms or clinical manifestations associated with the infection, but also from a viral point of view, all certified with a negative swab. The deaths reported with the latest bulletin are nine: six men and three women with an average age of 79 years. Of the 193 new cases reported today – 0.1 percent more than the previous day’s total: 106 found in the Central ASL, 36 in the North West, 51 in the South East – 187 were confirmed with molecular swab and six with tests quick antigenic. The total swabs recorded in the last twenty-four hours are, respectively, 9,308 and 5,506, of which 1.3 percent were positive. If we do the calculation only on the tested subjects (5,899, excluding the control swabs), the percentage rises to 3.3 percent.

Domenica In, Pierpaolo Sileri: “Enough terror and no swabs for those who are vaccinated, the population must feel free”

Emilia Romagna

There are another 172 infected with the coronavirus in Emilia-Romagna, identified on the basis of 11,644 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. Average age 35 years. Another victim is recorded, a 60-year-old man in the Reggio area, which brings the total deaths with Covid-19 to 13,209. Basically stable hospitalizations compared to yesterday: patients hospitalized in intensive care are 70 (two more), while those in the other Covid departments are 412 (11 fewer). The Region communicates this in the daily bulletin. On the territory, the province of Modena records 30 new cases. Followed by Parma with 27, Forlì and Bologna both with 18, Ravenna and Rimini both with 14, Reggio Emilia with 13, Cesena with 12, 10 new cases in the Imola district, Ferrara with 9 and Piacenza with 7. Overall to date the actual patients there are a total of 11,454 (-260 compared to yesterday), 96% in isolation at home. Vaccines continue, even with the sprint of the last open days: at 14 today a total of 2,865,184 doses are administered. Out of the total, one million and 47.965 citizens have completed the vaccination cycle.

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