Sells counterfeit bags with luxury brands: denounced

Again counterfeit goods seized in Forte dei Marmi: 8 fake bags with luxury brands seized and a 30-year-old denounced for receiving stolen goods and trade in products with false signs.

Yesterday afternoon (June 5th) i carabinieri of the station of Forte dei Marmi they carried out a territorial control service also aimed at combating the sale of counterfeit products.

The military of the weapon monitored the areas most sensitive to the phenomenon with checks both in uniform and in civilian clothes. During the service, the carabinieri surprised a 30-year-old of Senegalese origin, with a regular residence permit, while he was intent on selling some counterfeit luxury brand bags.

Man it was taken to the barracks for identification operations and was then denounced for the crimes of receiving stolen goods and trade in products with false signs.

The goods seized by the carabinieri during the checks are different: these are 8 counterfeit bags of well-known luxury brands.

Also in the next few days checks by the carabinieri will continue to counteract the phenomenon which, especially in the summer period with the presence of numerous tourists, records an increase in demand and supply.

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