Covid, 139 Cases: 26 in the Lecce area. DEA, Closed Intensive Care Unit. Curfew Tomorrow At 24. Vaccines, Puglia Accelerates On Young People

Covid, 139 Cases: 26 in the Lecce area. DEA, Closed Intensive Care Unit. Curfew Tomorrow At 24. Vaccines, Puglia Accelerates On Young People
Covid, 139 Cases: 26 in the Lecce area. DEA, Closed Intensive Care Unit. Curfew Tomorrow At 24. Vaccines, Puglia Accelerates On Young People

PUGLIA – On the beaches of Salento there is already an air of normality: all lying on the sand or walking outdoors, many without masks. The warm season, which makes us spend more time outdoors, and the vaccines will transform the covid into a normal flu: all epidemiologists say so. Meanwhile, the curfew measure from tomorrow, 7 June 2021, will be operational from 24. Many doubts remain on the real effectiveness of this measure to combat the virus (those who did not apply it, like Switzerland, had the same results as Italy, even better in terms of new infections). The curfew will end on June 14, when Puglia will also be in the white zone. Today, with a small number of tests performed, the positive index stands at 2.96% compared to 2.23% yesterday.
The number of deaths rises to 3 compared to 1 yesterday, of which 1 in the province of Lecce.


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There are no more patients in the DEA covid ICU. There are no very seriously ill patients in the Lecce area. As anticipated by the ward director, Dr. Pulito, all the patients were transferred to pulmonology. The hospitalized every day are less and less, in the Lecce area they have dropped below 90 units, while in Puglia they have become 444.


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Mass vaccination is already well underway: yesterday over 600,000 doses were administered throughout Italy. In June 20 million doses arrive that the government will be able to redistribute. We are in second place in Europe for immunized citizens. Puglia is also adapting and accelerating on the vaccination of young people. There is great support from young people. The Councilor for Health of the Puglia Region, Pier Luigi Lopalco announces the new possibilities: “In addition to the possibility of booking the anticovid vaccine through the La Puglia ti vaccina platform, toll-free number or Farmacup service, students of Apulian schools aged 12 and over , from 23 August they will have dedicated vaccination sessions by the ASLs and school offices. The goal is to reach the largest audience of young people in the most correct times from the health point of view to make them safe before the start of the new school year. For this we will proceed as for the graduates and school staff, proceeding school by school. But there is more. Those who need to get vaccinated immediately for study abroad will be able to access a priority lane on the La puglia ti vaccina website “. The circular introduces these possibilities alongside the classic vaccine booking system (La Puglia ti vaccina website, toll-free number, Pharmacup):

For the vaccination of the student population aged 12 and over, this will be scheduled from 23 August with the recall starting from 13 September. The DGs of the Asl with the involvement of the USR and the provincial school offices will prepare the operational programs of the vaccination days, in order to ensure maximum vaccination coverage for the beginning of the school year. Subjects who have to go abroad to get vaccinated will use the website with the “expression of interest” form. The ASL will organize dedicated vaccination sessions. For vaccinations in the workplace: vaccinations for workers can be started provided that the NOA Covid-Vacc of the ASL have an adequate quantity of vaccines available for the satisfaction of the requests, based on delivery and scheduling forecasts . The regional portal La Puglia vaccinates you is being updated with the insertion of the start date of the booking also for the age group 15-12 years.

In Lecce, the anti-Covid vaccination campaign continues at full speed in the 12 population vaccination points, in health centers and by general practitioners, in clinics and at home: about 10,000 vaccinations carried out yesterday.

Vaccination of graduates is underway: 6000 high school students in Salento vaccinated so far.


Today’s epidemiological bulletin, Sunday 6 June 2021, records 4,699 tests for Covid-19 coronavirus infection highlights 139 positive cases: 18 in the province of Bari, 25 in the province of Brindisi, 22 in the province of BAT, 33 in the province of Foggia, 26 in the province of Lecce, 15 in the province of Taranto.

3 deaths were recorded: 1 in the province of BAT, 1 in the province of Lecce, 1 in the province of Taranto.

Since the beginning of the emergency, 2,530,335 tests have been carried out.

226,011 patients recovered.

18,830 are currently positive cases.

The total of positive Covid cases in Puglia is 251,382 divided as follows:

94,711 in the Province of Bari;

25,385 in the Province of Bat;

19,434 in the Province of Brindisi;

44,905 in the Province of Foggia;

26,653 in the Province of Lecce;

39,131 in the Province of Taranto;

801 attributed to residents outside the region;

362 province of residence not known.

These numbers give us a clear idea of ​​how we are gradually getting out of the tunnel.

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