Turin, vaccines to the rhythm of music: a thousand young people receive the dose with DJ sets until 3 am – Video

Good night a Torino for children between 18 and 28 thanks to the vaccine. For the first time in months a thousand of young people from the Piedmontese capital had the opportunity to legally violate the curfew. Last night the Region decided to keep the Reale Mutua hub in Mirafiori open for a night health marathon open to the Saturday night generation. Until three in the morning injections were made to hundreds of boys who lined up in an orderly and composed manner. An initiative that received a great success given that in just three minutes the thousand seats made available were booked. To convince young people to get vaccinated under the stars was the possibility of staying away from home for a night thanks to the justification given by the convocation message.

“Ours – explains the regional councilor for education Elena Chiorino – it is a sign of attention towards young people who, after months of being closed at home, have the right to start living. We wanted to start with this initiative but if the model works we plan to repeat it thanks to other sponsors who are supporting our proposal ”. The creativity of the president’s council Alberto Cirio does not stop there. Chiorino confirms that the Region is working with some wineries in the Cuneo area to organize some served with an aperitif. Meanwhile in Messina, the idea of ​​offering craft beer for fifty cents to encourage vaccination of the youngest has been buried by controversy.

At the hub in the city fair, a weekend of administration was scheduled from Friday to today with a special offer: low alcoholic craft beer for only fifty cents a glass. The initiative already undertaken in the United States and Israel it was copied by the Sicilians but not everyone liked it. The first to raise the criticism was the president of the Health Committee of the Ars, Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo: “That of beer at fifty cents in the vaccination hub to convince young people to get vaccinated seems to me an out-of-place and uneducational initiative, on the one hand because I do not think these are the messages to be passed to motivate young people to make a gesture to protect their health and that of the community and on the other because in some way there is a risk of legitimizing and enhancing the use alcohol, one of the plagues that dramatically affects the world of young people “. A declaration of war that followed the request for hearing in the Health Committee of the commissioner for the Covid emergency of Messina “to have all the necessary clarifications on this advertising initiative launched, among other things, in conjunction with the opening of reservations for over 16s, while we all know that alcohol is forbidden to minors because of the damage it creates “. Result? The pickup truck delivering beer to the hub reversed and the initiative was canceled.

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