is in resuscitation for thrombosis

is in resuscitation for thrombosis
is in resuscitation for thrombosis

In Genoa one 18 year old girl she is hospitalized in intensive care in the intensive care unit of the San Martino hospital for thrombosis, last May 25 she had taken the first dose of Astrazeneca. The girl from Sestri Levante had undergone the vaccine in her local ASL on a voluntary basis during an open day that the Liguria Region had organized for the over 18s.

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The communication of the region

The communication arrived this morning from Alisa and the Liguria Region who declared that «the young woman was voluntarily vaccinated on 25 May 2021 in the local health authority with the AstraZeneca vaccine after a negative vaccination history. On June 3 she went to the emergency room with headache and photophobia. She was subjected to tests: brain scan and neurological examination, both negative» reads the press release. The young woman was then «discharged with recommendation to repeat blood tests after 15 days».

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The outcome of the brain CT scan

On 5 June the young woman returned to the emergency room with motor difficulties. Subjected to brain CT scan, she was diagnosed with a hemorrhage, and was immediately transferred to the San Martino Neurosurgery. His condition is now very serious. Investigations are being conducted to understand what may have caused this illness. At the moment there are no certain elements that can relate illness to vaccination.


resuscitation thrombosis

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