Alitalia, Giorgetti: “It will be a painful transition”

Alitalia, Giorgetti: “It will be a painful transition”
Alitalia, Giorgetti: “It will be a painful transition”

“It will not be a simple and painful transition, with all the doubts of a market that will be redesigned”. The Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, spoke of Ita, the newco of Alitalia, with which “a totally public company is born, the European Commission suggests a total discontinuity with Alitalia. Everyone, even the trade unions, must understand the incredible effort we are making to start a public company that meets economic criteria. “It will be very complicated months”, he underlined speaking at the Trento Festival of Economics.

Ita will not have to compete with low cost airlines and “will necessarily have to find an international partner with which to create synergy in the global context of connections”, he said again.

Of certainties in post-pandemic air transport, in which the new Alitalia will have to operate, “there are none, it would take a magician”, he then stressed, outlining the scenario in which the new Alitalia will take off. “Even giants like Air France and Lufthansa have had to resort to injections of public capital”.

Redundancy block

” The redundancy block must be reviewed and linked to the new system of social safety nets ”, Giorgetti said.

Ex Ilva

” With a pending confiscation, with situations still to be defined from the environmental point of view, we look forward to the Council of State which will determine the scope of the operation of this industry ”.

In the investment project “the State can and, in this case, must be the protagonist”, added the minister.


Alitalia Giorgetti painful transition

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