boom in vaccinations and peak infections

boom in vaccinations and peak infections
boom in vaccinations and peak infections

The vaccine offensive continues to break down the curves of infections and deaths. IS Ciociaria now believes it: you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Freedom from the virus is possible. Even if, admonishes the general director of the Asl Pierpaola D’Alessandro, we must not let our guard down.

The numbers of prophylaxis
Over 250,000 doses of the vaccine have been administered in the province of Frosinone. And more than 75,000 people completed the entire course with the two doses. Out of a target population of 410,000. It means that nearly 61% (60.97% to be exact) of the population has gotten at least one dose. While 18.29% have completed the cycle. These are important numbers, which testify how the province is developing … antibodies. And there are 158,000 bookings as well. Lazio has far exceeded 3,600,000 doses of vaccine doses. And yesterday morning the regional councilor for health Alessio D’Amato took stock. Noting: «This morning (ed: yesterday for the reader) we have exceeded 3.6 million administrations in Lazio. More than one in two adult citizens received the first dose and about 1 in 4 completed the vaccination process. Given the success of the Astrazeneca Open Week we intend to propose it again next week with the same modality as the virtual ticket. The “three click and I vaccine” formula is liked and appreciated by users for its ease of access and speed of administration. Further slots have been reopened for today and tomorrow (editor’s note: yesterday and today for those who read) at the Nuvola, Termini, Acea Piazzale Ostiensee and the Ostia swimming pool ». Then he added: “By July 27, all those assisted in Lazio will have had at least one dose.”

The calendar
Today the Astrazeneca Open Week ends with a virtual ticket, reserved for over 18. Here are the next opening dates for reservations. Today, Sunday 6 June, at midnight, the window opens for the 39-35 age group (born 1982-1986). From Tuesday 8 June (again at 24) the green light for the age group 34-30 (born 1987-1991). From Thursday 10 June, at midnight, reservations open for the 29-25 age group (born 1992-1996). From Sunday 13 June, again at midnight, green light for the age group 24-17 (born 1997-2004). On the Salutelazio website it is specified that the age group 12-16 years (born 2009-2005) must contact their free choice pediatrician or family doctor. The start date for the vaccination of the youngest should be June 15. Most likely there will also be “junior open days”. However, there is a knot to untie. The Lazio Region has managed to allocate 30,000 doses of Pfizer, the only vaccine granted to under 18s, for the month of June. However, this is enough to cover only one eighth of the very young. In Lazio, the age group between 12 and 16 years counts 240,000 units.

The trend
Yesterday there were 7 new cases. Out of a total of 1,048 swabs carried out. 0.66% positivity rate.
Below altitude 1. The curve is steep. It means that one case of Covid is found for every 150 swabs carried out. Zero deaths even yesterday. While the negativized were 33. The map of infections: 2 in Broccostella, 1 in Cassino, 1 in Ferentino, 1 in San Giovanni Incarico, 1 in Sora, 1 in Vallecorsa. Today ends the sixty-sixth week since the beginning of the pandemic in the province of Frosinone. The first case was registered on March 2, 2020. Since then, 461 days have passed.
This is the weekly trend: 11 cases on May 31st, 7 on June 1st, 18 on two, 1 on three, 10 on four, 7 on five. For a total of 54 infections and a weekly average of 9. Never so low since last September 14-20. Almost nine months ago. The trend is significant from every point of view. These are the daily averages of the last few weeks: 125.85 in the fifty-seventh, 96.42 in the fifty-eighth, 74.85 in the fifty-ninth, 74.28 in the sixtieth, 58.71 in the sixty-first, 56.42 in the sixty-second, 41.14 in the sixty-third, 26 in the sixty-fourth. And 16.28 in the sixty-fifth. In the sixty-sixth we are at 9. Then there are the monthly averages of infections, equally significant: 13.8 cases per day in March 2020, 7.63 in April, 0.83 in May, 0.46 in June, 0.35 in July, 5.16 in August, 7.43 in September, 113.8 in October, when there were 3,528 new cases. Then the boom in November, with 6,588 infected. For an average of 219.66 every twenty-four hours. In December 3,468 infections, for a daily average of 111.87. In January, there were 3,144 infections in total, for an average of 101.42. In February 3,526 new cases, for a daily average of 125.92.
In March 2021 there were 6,063 infections, for a daily average of 195.58. In April 2,612 cases. For an average of 87.06. As for the month of May, 1,056 new cases. For an average of 34.06 every twenty-four hours. In June 43 cases in five days. For an average of 8.6 every twenty-four hours. Then there is the death curve. This is the complete trend: 25 deaths in March 2020, 23 in April, 2 in May, 8 in June, then 0 both in July and August, 1 in September, 9 in October. Then the surge: 100 in November, 98 in December, 73 in January 2021, 73 in February, 100 in March, 103 in April, 34 in May and 3 in June. Last year, at the time of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the figures were still more contained than those of the second wave, which began in October. In March 2020, the daily average of infections was 13.8, then in April 7.63. And there had been 25 deaths in March and 23 in April. While the second wave recorded these numbers on the contagion side: an average of 113.8 in October, 219.6 in November, 111.87 in December, 101.42 in January 2021, 125.92 in February, 195, 58 in March, 87.06 in April. And 34.06 in May. Then the deaths: 9 in October, 100 in November, 98 in December, 73 in January, 73 in February, 100 in March and 103 in April. Finally, 34 in May and 3 in June. Figures that testify to the vertical collapse of this curve as well. It should also be added that the last triple-digit time on the side of infections in Ciociaria went on April 14th.
Fifty-two days ago: 109 cases.

The figures of the collapse
Covid patients admitted to hospitals in the province of Frosinone are 20: 11 at Spaziani in Frosinone, 9 at Santa Scolastica in Cassino. And there are 2 people in intensive care, both in Cassino. While the Frosinone intensive care unit has been Covid free for ten days. A week ago, 89 Coronavirus patients were hospitalized. It means that 69 people were discharged because they were healed. In March and April, up to 450 Covid patients were hospitalized in the health network of the province of Frosinone.

The bulletin
Yesterday in Italy 57 deaths from Covid. On Friday there were 73. There were 2,436 new cases, a slight decrease compared to the 2,557 of the previous day. The positivity rate drops to 1%. In Lazio 27,000 tests were carried out: 11,000 molecular swabs and 16,000 antigenic ones. Infections were 210, deaths 9. Positivity rate of 1.8%, but if the antigenic substances are also considered, the value drops to 0.7%. Across the region, there are 750 hospitalized for Covid. 126 people in intensive care. The healed were 1,092. In short, the retreat of the virus is evident.

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