“Alliance with Meloni is the future”

“Alliance with Meloni is the future”
“Alliance with Meloni is the future”

The alliance with Giorgia Meloni, who is a friend, it was and remains the future of the center-right at the national level “. The federation proposal concerns” the forces that support the Draghi government, then the goal is to win the elections together, I think in 2023 “. This was stated by the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, guest of Lucia Annunziata at ‘In half an hour more’ on Raitre,

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Speaking of the center-right Federation, Salvini explained: “I’m not talking about mergers, annexations, I’m talking about a collaboration on concrete issues. One voice, but each one maintains his identity, it is not a party operation for the electoral campaign, to invent a new symbol, it is a sharing of values ​​”.

Salvini then returned to the controversy related to the release of Giovanni Brusca. In 2021 there is no mafia and the ‘Ndrangheta of 1992, this is a law born of the years of lead, the eighties and the early nineties and in those years it could have been fine. Today the mafia, the Camorra and the ‘Ndrangheta fight them by confiscating them. In my opinion it is time to review this law, after 30 years the mafia has changed, Italy has changed, money goes differently, we have to chase these infamous country by country, bank by bank, commercial activity by commercial activity, because these at the moment they are buying shops, clubs, bars, tobacconists, restaurants, hotels, they must be tracked down “, said the secretary of the League.

“If you want to repent – added the leader of the Carroccio – I will have an eye on you, but if you have killed not 3-4 people but three hundred people you don’t get out of jail. If you want to repent, maybe I’ll give you a more comfortable cell, but you don’t go out of jail “.

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