Trump accuses Fauci and again attacks Biden: “He is destroying the country”

Trump accuses Fauci and again attacks Biden: “He is destroying the country”
Trump accuses Fauci and again attacks Biden: “He is destroying the country”

“Joe Biden and the radical left are destroying the country.” Donald Trump returns to public speaking after months from the stage from the Republican convention in North Carolina, in Greenville, in front of an audience of 1200 people. He attacks “cuts in police funding” and denounces “exploded immigration and out of control unemployment”.

The goal of the former president is to defeat the Democrats, whose junta has been called “the most radical in American history”, in the mid-term elections. For this date, Trump announced his support for Ted Budd, 49, a member of the House and one of the initial primary challengers. However, he does not exclude his own re-nomination for the presidential elections of 2024.

The ex-president did not spare attacks on China either, claiming that the virus originated in a Wuhan laboratory and claiming the use of the term “Chinese virus”. He also argued that China should pay the United States a $ 10,000 billion check “in repair” for the damage caused by Covid. Finally, the thrust against the dem, accused “of being humiliated by Beijing”. He also accuses the infectious doctor Anthony Fauci, accused of spending too much time in living rooms on television. Fauci has been attacked by Republicans for months for recommending the use of protective masks, while Trump’s handling of the first phase of the pandemic, in which 600,000 died, is believed to be one of the causes of his defeat in the elections.

Regarding the suspension of his Facebook account, which should last at least two years, Trump has announced that he “is not interested in returning” as, according to the ex-president, the platform is silencing his voice and that of his supporters.

Before speaking at the Republican convention in North Carolina, the second public speech since the defeat in the elections, the former president had already posted a video message of about 30 seconds addressed to his constituents, in which he promised to return to the White House earlier than expected. . “The Republican party is stronger than it has ever been,” the message concluded.

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