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Downsizing of temperatures during the week

SITUATION. The warm currents originated from North Africa in the final part of the week, responsible for rather high thermal values ​​still on Sunday in the South, is destined to be replaced by cooler currents arriving from the northern quadrants with the start of the new week, also responsible for a certain instability. Temperatures have already undergone a downsizing in the Center-North and from Monday they will also drop in the South. Day after day, however, there will be a recovery in values ​​starting from the northern regions, thanks to a gradual but partial settlement of the anticyclone from Western Europe from the middle of the week, even if no particular heat peaks are expected, the warm North African contribution is lacking in perspective. Here is what temperatures will wait for us:

MONDAY temperatures falling in the South with diurnal values ​​around 22/25 ° C, peaks of 28/30 ° C only in Salento and 32 ° C in the internal Catanese, 24/27 ° C in the Center-North except for some points higher in the Northwest, lower instead on the central Adriatic side.

Maximum temperatures expected for Monday

TUESDAY further thermal drop in the South with maximums of 21/24 ° C, higher in Puglia with values ​​of 24/26 ° C, but the values ​​will return to grow in the North where they will broadly reach 27/29 ° C, few variations for the moment on the central regions.

Maximum temperatures expected for Tuesday
Maximum temperatures expected for Tuesday

WEDNESDAY Temperatures all over Italy are rising again thanks to the reinforcement of the anticyclone, so much so that in the North they will be reached peaks of 30 ° C but also in Puglia and inland areas of Sardinia. Lower values, however, along the coasts, influenced by the still relatively fresh sea surface.

Maximum temperatures expected for Wednesday
Maximum temperatures expected for Wednesday

NEXT TREND. Further slight temperature rise on Thursday in the North, but in the central regions and especially in the southern ones there could be a slight thermal drop due to the entry of currents from the northern quadrants.

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