«City builder», an online platform to divert investments to suburbs – Corriere.it

«City builder», an online platform to divert investments to suburbs – Corriere.it
«City builder», an online platform to divert investments to suburbs – Corriere.it

Pre-Covid Milan was approaching the 1920s bold and confident, between Expo and Olympics, seas and mountains. A city that had broken through the symbolic quota of 10 million tourists, an investment magnet, very launched on the university front, with cutting-edge technological districts, a new demand for human capital and at the dawn of real estate renovation. The word Milan had almost become a synonym for an economic power considered engulfing the rest of Italy, with the main defect of having, if anything, excessively hinged around the god of dane. The Covid nightmare has suspended this reality, it has resized it in its small dimensions in a world of giants, without however ever erasing its imprint, indeed accelerating the dynamics of global citizen peculiarities, today well-defined strategic horizons. “Without the tourism that we expect to really resume in 2023, we see many positive signs – explains Luca Martinazzoli, dg of Milan & partners, the promotion agency of the city founded by the Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce -. From digital technologies to the life science sector or the real estate market, there is great confidence from investors and we can say that Milan has even strengthened its global positioning ».

For a few weeks, Milano & partners (with the Yes Milano brand) has launched a platform to photograph the city, telling it to potential investors. It is called City builder and is the result of collaboration with the Citi group, which brought its metropolitan data aggregation model to Europe for the first time, already tested in the United States since 2019. Just connect to the site (www.citivelocity.com/citybuilder/eppublic/cb/italy) and access the information uploaded so far. “Thanks to the great work done by the Municipality on open data, we started with a first group of general information that we aim to update every six months, also from the private sector ”explains Martinazzoli. Mayor Giuseppe Sala – very attentive to city marketing, as well as focused on the creation of a “polycentric, inclusive and sustainable” Milan, all communication keys of today almost imperative – defined him as one “An innovative tool to attract investments in the neighborhoods, around which we are developing a new idea of ​​a sustainable city”.

The free platform presents demographic, socio-economic, real estate, commercial and service data that allow you to compare 88 different urban areas to assess where there can be the greatest impact for an investor with ease of consultation. “The goal is to restore greater transparency that facilitates investments, which is essential especially today with cities seeking to relaunch themselves after the pandemic – explains Valla Vakili, head of Citi venture studio, the team that developed the Milanese platform -. And Milan remains in great ferment and with an immense potential for growth ».

Among the international companies symbolizing potential – in addition to the well-known Amazon and Spotify (which have made Milan a strategic regional hub) – we can mention Klarna (online payment systems) and Gorillas (proximity shopping), which landed in cities with high demand of human capital. There is also an increase in managers or interesting personalities who come to live in Milan especially from England, the United States and Australia, due to its lifestyle in line with post-pandemic current events: “They are looking for safety, education and nature – concludes Martinazzoli – and Milan is better off than large metropolises in terms of size, culture and geography”.

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City builder online platform divert investments suburbs Corriereit

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