the courage of the acid survivor activist

the courage of the acid survivor activist
the courage of the acid survivor activist

Struck by human madness, Gessica Notaro has been able to accept her new self and dedicate herself to those who, like her, risk suffering the same fate.

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“In the mirror, thanks to some parts of the face harmonized by surgery, I find myself more beautiful than before”. The words of Gessica Notaro, spoken during a recent interview with Grazia, speak volumes about the strength of those who have been able to walk the path of rebirth in the moment of closest proximity to the abyss. A story of courage and incredible willpower, animated by the desire to help other people not to live what she has lived. Struck by the madness of those who did not accept having lost her, scarred in the face without that splash of acid being able to do the same with her spirit.

Gessica Notaro: name and surname, date of birth, height

  • Name and surname: Gessica Notaro;
  • Date of birth: December 27, 1989;
  • Birth place: Rimini;
  • Height: 175 cm.

Gessica Notaro: the history

Born in Rimini to a Calabrian father and an Argentine mother, she soon builds her road. At 17 she is in Salsomaggiore Terme, together with many other girls, very young like her, ready to participate in the contest for Miss Italy. It was 2007 and, according to the report, a Miss Romagna title that had earned her the call to the historic broadcast. It will not reach the end but the doors of the world of entertainment begin to open: Hi Darwin, Those who… Several broadcasts to take the first steps, flanked by the passion for animals. Gessica Notaro becomes a dolphin trainer, starting to work in the Dolphinarium of her hometown.

On January 10, 2017, his life changes. It is the ex-boyfriend, Edison Tavares, to force her to start again, waiting for her under the house with the aim of destroying her existence, after being left and denounced by Gessica. A splash of acid on the face and the beginning of an ordeal, made up of surgical operations and suffering both inside and out.

Gessica Notaro: social media and activism

Gessica survives that aggression, overcoming Everest of interventions, many and delicate, as well as the acceptance of a different face, marked by the wounds of madness. But that gratuitous violence and that forced rebirth are transformed into an opportunity for a new life. He shares his story, even his injuries, shows herself and tells her story, launching herself in an awareness-raising activity so that no other woman has to be in the same situation as her. He appears on TV, gives interviews, lands on social networks and his Instagram profile is a huge success. Her post “Evolutions” which shows herself before the attack and in the following steps, alone received almost 35,000 likes.

Gessica Notaro: Dancing with the Stars

In 2018, he shares his story in a different form. Participate, as a competitor, in the thirteenth edition of Dancing with the Stars, demonstrating how, despite the violence suffered, you can really be reborn to new life, with a smile on your face and a hope for the future. Perhaps the most beautiful message, the full path of self-acceptance. Up to the main phrase of all its strength: “I reacted and I am more beautiful than before“.

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