“Sexify”, laughter and Polish-style eroticism

“Sexify”, laughter and Polish-style eroticism
“Sexify”, laughter and Polish-style eroticism

A Polish television series, young, witty and irreverent. Difficult only to think of it until not too long ago, due to a prejudice (always wrong as such) according to which the cinema of the East carried with it an atavistic sadness and heaviness, daughter of those communist regimes that saw in entertainment a crime, favoring, even after the fall, a very dense and very pallid auteur cinema.

Times change, thank goodness, and here, in Netflix’s programming, Sexify, for a few weeks a small and nice product that comes from Warsaw and which deals with sex, the most popular topic on TV today and not just for images , but also for the evocative power of the words: we talk about it, we discuss it, we wonder why, in the time of everyday minimalism, it is considered unavoidable and perhaps a clarifier of many of our behaviors.

Natalia, a university student of profit and ambition, wants to invent an app that allows her to get funding for a startup. Nerd and nerd, at first she tries with a mechanism that regulates sleep, but since the teachers are not interested in it she tries sex. Her scientific insights say in fact that very few women really experience full orgasm: that’s why with a revolutionary app they would get to know their body better, thus regulating its functions and pleasure.

His companions in fortune in this crazy project are Paulina, betrothed to a career soldier who is as ignorant as a goat on the subject, and Monika, sexually uninhibited also to make up for various shortcomings. Where one does not arrive, in short, the other takes care of it, for a story that catches the attention not only of the public of adolescents and young people, the main recipients of this kind of products, but also of a wider audience, because in fundamentally it is a comedy of misunderstandings with all the trappings and well designed in compliance with the rules of the genre.

In the eight episodes of Sexify’s first season, there is a lot of laughter – hilarious transforming a dorm room in the student house into a kind of brothel for all tastes, and the awkward girls who go on a trip to the sex shop – yet the series does not it is exempt from reflecting on the female point of view regarding sex in a society which, between Communism and Catholicism, has ignored the problem for a long time. In this sense, the clear generational difference between the old, still tied to the conservative society of the past, and the girls of today, who did not know that period and rightly claim freedom, also and above all through sex, is interesting. Much deeper than Sex Education that he sometimes remembers, Sexify works and is also liked in Italy.

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