Covid June 6 2021 Emilia Romagna, Coronavirus bulletin today. 172 infections and one death

Bologna, 6 June 2021 – While the last week in the yellow zone for theEmilia Romagna that with entry from Monday 14 June in the white area will say goodbye first to the curfew, i data of today’s bulletin recorded a slight increase in infections from Coronavirus in the region. The new cases detected on 11,644 swabs analyzed are 172 (yesterday 134 new positives). The rate of positivityà is 1.5%.

Only one victim linked to Covid: a 60-year-old man died in the province of Modena whose death was registered by the Reggio Emilia Local Health Authority. In total, there have been 13,209 deaths in Emilia-Romagna since the beginning of the epidemic.

As for the hospitalizations, the Emilian Romagnoli treated in intensive care: they are 70 (+2 compared to yesterday). On the other hand, the decline in other Covid departments: 412 (-11).

The contagion map see Modena with 30 new cases of Covid-19, Parma with 27, Bologna with 10 plus 10 in the Imola district, Forlì with 18, Ravenna e Rimini both with 14, Reggio Emilia with 13, Cesena with 12, Ferrara with 9 and Piacenza with 7.

The Emilian from Romagna 431 are healed more than yesterday and reach 360,157.

I active cases, that is, the actual patients are currently 11.454 (-260 compared to yesterday). 95.8% of active cases are in isolation at home, with no symptoms or with mild symptoms.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, they have been registered in Emilia-Romagna 384,820 cases of positivity, 172 more than yesterday, out of a total of 11,644 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 1,5%.

Of the newly infected, 78 are asymptomatic: 64 were identified thanks to contact tracing, 9 through tests for the risk categories introduced by the Region, 4 with serological screenings and 1 through pre-hospitalization tests.

Among the new positives 60 were already in solitary confinement at the time of the swab, 95 were identified within already known foci.

The average age of new positives today is 34.9 years.

Here she is contagion map of the onset of the pandemic:  23.561 a Piacenza (+7 compared to yesterday, 5 symptomatic), 28,236 a Parma (+27, of which 13 symptomatic), 46.795 a Reggio Emilia (+13, of which 8 symptomatic), 65,435 a Modena (+30, of which 16 symptomatic), 82,065 a Bologna (+18, of which 8 symptomatic), 12,601 cases a Imola (+10, of which 9 symptomatic), 23,114 a Ferrara (+9, no symptoms), 30,387 a Ravenna (+14, of which 5 symptomatic), 16,984 a Forlì (+18, of which 13 symptomatic), 19,499 a Cesena (+12, of which 10 symptomatic) and 36,143 a Rimini (+14, of which 7 symptomatic).

Patients from Emilia Romagna affected by Covid 19 and admitted to therapy intensive are 70 (+2 compared to yesterday): 2 a Piacenza (+1 compared to yesterday), 5 y Parma (unchanged), 10 a Reggio Emilia (+1), 13 a Modena (-1), 24 a Bologna (unchanged), 3 y Imola (unchanged), 3 y Ferrara (+1), 1 a Ravenna (unchanged), 0 y Forlì (unchanged), 3 y Cesena (unchanged) and 6 a Rimini (unchanged).

I am instead 412 those in other Covid departments (-11).

The incidence collapsed quickly and now stands at 27.62 against 47.73. The Rt index also dropped from 0.72 to 0.69. ICUs remain in line with national data: according to the National Agency for Regional Health Services, their employment as of June 4 is 10% (May 28 they were 14%), non-critical wards, on the other hand, are down to 7% from 9% of the previous week.

While today it closed without resistance or controversy the second Bolognese open day (the first, that of 2 June had sparked quite a few controversies for the choice not to activate online reservations which had sparked a real crowd), the vaccination campaign enters the fifth in Emilia Romagna. Tomorrow and Tuesday in Emilia-Romagna is up to young people between 12 and 19 years old (those born between 2009 and 2002) book for the Covid vaccine and get immunized when returning to class. And after the very young, on 9 and 10 June it’s up to 35-39 year-olds, 11, 12 and 13 will be time for 30-34 year-olds, 14 and 15 space for 25-29 year-olds and 16, 17 and on 18 June it closes with 20-24 year olds “.

At 2 pm a total of 2,865,184 doses were administered; out of the total, 1,047,965 are second doses, ie people who have completed the vaccination cycle.

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