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Conte and the 5S poisons: those “suspicious” movements of Di Battista

Conte and the 5S poisons: those “suspicious” movements of Di Battista
Conte and the 5S poisons: those “suspicious” movements of Di Battista

Behind the exultation, there is the tension. The closing of the clash with Rousseau was greeted with evident relief in the entire 5 Star Movement. For once they are all united: it represents the possibility of making a step forward and removing the obstacle for the restart. The farewell of Davide CasaleggioMoreover, it does not feed particular regrets in the corpaccione of the pentastellated parliamentarians: relations with the son of the co-founder had deteriorated for some time. “He appeals to the values ​​of the early days only for a political calculation”, complains a deputy. So, everyone better go their own way.

Dibba evaluates the return

But among the parliamentarians there is not only satisfaction. Indeed, there is a bad mood towards Giuseppe Conte: the times when he was seen as the Savior of the grillina homeland are now a memory. Beyond the long wait, which has unnerved everyone a bit, there is concern for the strategy that will be pursued by the former prime minister in the coming weeks. More than someone sees the danger that he wants to embrace the Dibba line, the one that foresees the farewell to the majority, the passage to the opposition of the Draghi government and the request for early ballots. A parliamentary source explains a “This anti-government stance already has media support from Labor e Scanzi, which remain an important ideological support for Conte ”. The fear, therefore, is that of a push towards a return to the elections in spring 2022: a nightmare for the current elected officials, aware that they have no hope of returning to Parliament.

In the corridors of Montecitorio, some suspicious behaviors are circled in red on the reciprocal approach between Alessandro Di Battista And with you. A source invites reflection: “Pay attention to it, Di Battista announced that he will decide what to do only in September. And it is precisely in August that the white semester begins and it will be understood if Conte will break away from the majority ”. And after all, it is the second piece of reasoning, “Di Battista himself has always said not to discard a priori the idea of ​​returning to the Movement, if he stops supporting the Draghi government”. To spice up the speech, there is the fact that the former deputy never attacked Conte head-on. “He is loyal, I will evaluate his projectHe even recently declared. In short, he prefers to keep various options on the table, including the most sensational: the return to the Movement.

The concern about the third term

This step would not be painless, quite the contrary. “There would be upheavals”, they observe, in no uncertain terms, among the 5 stars. The point, underlined in the knots of deputies to the second legislature, is simple: “Conte has no interest in consolidating relations with the current parliamentary groups”. Indeed, “for him we are a burden, hundreds of people elected in 2018, in another historical and political phase, with extensive experience gained over the years. And who are asking for clarification on the third term ”, says one of them. For this reason, according to the thesis told to, the former prime minister would not be desperate in the face of another mass flight. “The less we are, the better, in a nutshell. Basically we represent a problem, while he is interested in putting his own in, saving some heavier names. Those who would really stop his race for leadership ”. In short, just the big and the most loyal.

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