Covid today Lombardy and Italy, 6 June bulletin: coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths

Covid today Lombardy and Italy, 6 June bulletin: coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths
Covid today Lombardy and Italy, 6 June bulletin: coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths

Milano – Italy and the Lombardy they are gradually moving towards the abandonment of restrictions in direction one total white area, which could start from 21 June. Yesterday in In Italy there were 2,436 new cases of covid found after analysis of 238,632 swabs, with a positivity index of 1%. In the past 24 hours, 57 deaths have been recorded, down from 73 yesterday, which brought the total number of victims to 126,472 since the beginning of the pandemic. Intensive care admissions are still decreasing, 788 (-48), 5,193 ordinary admissions (-295), 3,908,312 recovered (+7,200) and 195,369 currently positive (-4,823). In Lombardy, the region that recorded the highest increase in daily cases, yesterday there were 436 new positives (417 on Friday), while the deaths rose to 10 (+4 the day before). The processed swabs were 39,363, with a positivity index of 1.1%, in line with the national data. Decrease in inpatients in ordinary wards 887 (-52), intensive therapies are also easing, reaching the total number of 170 (-13). But the most important news is that there was no entry into intensive care cut the record by over 600 thousand administrations in one day: Italy ranks second overall in Europe in terms of fully immunized population, immediately after the Germany and in front of France and Spain. The new goal, arriving in the next few days, will be the achievement – at least with the first dose – of half of the vaccinable population (currently 24.5 million out of 53).

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Here we will publish today’s data from the Ministry of Health with the infections region by region

Curfew at midnight from tomorrow

From tomorrow the limit for returning home will be postponed to midnight, last stop before the scomplete measurement overshoot, fixed from the last reopening to June 21st. The date to be circled on the calendar is therefore the first day of summer, when there will be no hourly limits for the first time in Italy after 3 November 2020, over seven months ago, when in full second wave a curfew was instituted from 10pm to 5am, then moved last month to 11pm. But all this concerns only the yellow regions: in
white zone the curfew no longer exists.

Curfew, last day at 11pm: what changes from Monday 7 June

Contagions and deaths region by region
















I new Covid cases registered in Tuscany are 193 on 14,814 tests of which 9,308 molecular swabs and 5,506 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 1.30% (3.3% on first diagnoses). These are the data released by the president of Tuscany Eugenio Giani in the usual way report his social network. Compared to yesterday, the cases increase and the positivity rate returns to above 1%, compared to a lower number of swabs: in the previous report the new cases registered in Tuscany were 154 out of 18,622 tests, with a rate of new positives of 0 , 83% (2.6% on the first diagnoses). In his post on social media Giani also writes that “Covid hospitalizations are decreasing throughout the region. The Siena hospital reactivates ordinary beds by increasing surgical and outpatient activities, let’s continue like this”. With regard to vaccines, those “currently administered” were 2,283,702, the governor added.


They are others 172 infected with the coronavirus in Emilia-Romagna, identified on the basis of 11,644 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. Average age 35 years. Another victim is recorded, a 60-year-old man in the Reggio area, who brings the total of deaths with
Covid-19 at 13,209. Basically stable hospitalizations compared to yesterday: patients hospitalized in intensive care are 70 (two more), while those in the other Covid departments are 412 (11 fewer). The Region communicates this in the daily bulletin. On the territory, the province of Modena records 30 new cases. Followed by Parma with 27, Forlì and Bologna both with 18, Ravenna and Rimini both with 14, Reggio Emilia with 13, Cesena with 12, 10 new cases in the Imola district, Ferrara with 9 and Piacenza with 7. Overall to date the actual patients there are a total of 11,454 (-260 compared to yesterday), 96% in isolation at home. Vaccines continue, even with the sprint of the last open days: at 14 today a total of 2,865,184 doses are administered. Out of the total, one million and 47.965 citizens have completed the vaccination cycle.


I’m 75 covid positives detected on the last day among the 1,258 new diagnoses: 23 in the province of Ancona, 19 in the province of Macerata, 13 in the province of Pesaro Urbino, 10 in the province of Fermo, 9 in the province of Ascoli Piceno and 1 outside the region. According to the Health Service of the Region Market “in the last 24 hours 2,729 swabs were tested: 1,258 in the new diagnosis path (of which 262 in the screening with the Antigenic path) and 1,471 in the healed path (with a positive / tested ratio of 6%) “. The 75 new cases include 18 symptomatic subjects, contacts in the home setting (16), close contacts of positive cases (21), contacts in the work setting (2), contacts with the involvement of students of all educational levels (6), health care pathway screening (1) and a case coming from outside the region. For another 10 cases epidemiological investigations are still being carried out. On the 262 tests of the Antigenic Screening Path “4 positive cases were found (to be subjected to the molecular swab) for a positive / tested ratio equal to 2%” ,


In Lazio on over 7 thousand swabs (-3946) and over 11 thousand antigenic for a total of over 18 thousand tests, 233 new positive cases (+36), deaths are 5 (-4), hospitalized are 690 (-60). The healed are 1125, the intensive therapies are 125 (-1). The ratio between positives and buffers is 3.2%, but if we also consider the antigenic ones the percentage drops to 1.2%. The cases in Rome city are at 115.










Today in Puglia, compared to 4,699 tests for Covid-19 coronavirus infection, have been registered 139 positive cases: 18 in the province of Bari, 25 in the province of Brindisi, 22 in the province of BAT, 33 in the province of Foggia, 26 in the province of Lecce, 15 in the province of Taranto. 3 deaths were also recorded: one in the province of Barletta, Andria, Trani, one in the province of Lecce and one in the province of Taranto. Since the beginning of the emergency, 2,530,335 tests have been carried out, 226,011 patients are cured and 18,830 are currently positive cases.


In Basilicata, since yesterday there have been no more admissions to intensive care due to Covid-19. This is what the regional task force reports that in the last 24 hours, 32 new infections compared to 577 molecular swabs processed. On the same day, 67 healings were recorded. Currently 49 people are hospitalized in Lucanian hospitals. Also yesterday 4,803 vaccinations were carried out in the region.






There are 56,877 cases of positivity to Covid-19 overall ascertained in Sardinia since the beginning of the emergency. In the latest update of the Regional Crisis Unit, 31 new cases were detected. In total, 1,317,843 swabs were performed, for an overall increase of 1,565 tests compared to the previous figure. There was a new death (1,473 in all). On the other hand, 110 (-1) people are currently hospitalized in the medical area, while 8 (-4) patients in intensive care. There are 12,359 people in home isolation and a total of 42,927 (+36) healed. On the territory, of the 56,877 positive cases ascertained overall, 14,883 (+8) were detected in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, 8,659 in Southern Sardinia, 5,161 in Oristano, 10,922 (+17) in Nuoro, 17,238 (+6) in Sassari.

The new map

Sardinia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Molise they are in the range of least restrictions last Monday. To these three regions, another four will be added just tomorrow, after having reached the coveted goal of three consecutive weekly monitoring with an incidence below the risk threshold of 50 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. It is about Abruzzo, Liguria, Veneto and Umbria. On the other hand, one last monitoring is missing, that of next Friday, to six other regions, with white numbers for two weeks already: Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont, Apulia, Emilia Romagna and the Province of Trento. For them, the day of the white zone (and the farewell to curfew) is June 14th. Italy will then be all white (with the exception of Val d’Aosta) seven days later, Monday 21 June, with the entry of Sicily, Marche, Tuscany, the Province of Bolzano, Calabria, Basilicata and Campania. In Val d’Aosta, whose countdown will begin with monitoring next Friday having dropped below 50 only a few days ago, it will have to wait until June 28th. By then, except for sudden rises in the epidemic curve for now not on the horizon, the whole Peninsula will be white. But at that point the differences with the yellow zone will be minimal: as mentioned, the curfew will be removed for everyone on 21 June.

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Vaccines, Lombardy towards 70% of vaccinated

Lombardy continues its journey towards herd immunity, supported by a vaccination campaign which, after the initial difficulties, proceeds at a rapid pace. After the more than 103 thousand administrations carried out on Friday in Lombardy, “we are fast approaching to touch the 70% of the vaccinated population. A percentage that would mean the achievement of community immunity “, wrote the vice president and councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti, on his Facebook profile, confirming the good performance of the vaccination campaign in the region, thanks also to the “extraordinary membership of the 12-29 year old group which exceeded 582,000 bookings”. And from next Monday, the first vaccinations for the homeless will also start, with the regional crisis unit that has invited all the Ats to relate with the associations that deal with homeless, to try to reach them as many as possible.

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