Lewis Hamilton and the blonde woman by his side: it’s Angela Cullen

Lewis Hamilton and the blonde woman by his side: it’s Angela Cullen
Lewis Hamilton and the blonde woman by his side: it’s Angela Cullen

Beside Lewis Hamilton there is always a short and blond woman: it’s Angela Cullen, a factotum physiotherapy who has been helping him in everything since 2016. Find out more about her.

Every success is the result of intense team work. Behind the victories of the individual are concentrated the efforts of several people, this is an axiom. The repeated successes of Lewis Hamilton bear the signature of Mercedes engineers and mechanics, but also and above all of a real factotum: Angela Cullen. Physiotherapist, but also an assistant in every ritual of the preparation of the English champion’s weekend. Without her, nothing would be so simple for Hamilton, as he himself has admitted on several occasions.


46-year-old New Zealander, Angela started working with Lewis in 2016. A difficult season for the Anglo-Caribbean champion, who was defeated in the derby at Mercedes with Nico Rosberg. From there, however, he found the strength to be reborn and return to the roof of the world. In his rescue, Cullen played a fundamental role. First of all it helped him from a physical point of view, when Hamilton was particularly suffering from neck and shoulder pain. Lewis told the F1 website how it all started: “I’ve always had male physiotherapists. I don’t know why but my problems never went away. With Angela it was different: we worked at home and then I asked her to follow me in the GPs. We could not imagine that such a strong bond would be born ”.


Angela is a shadow for Hamilton, who has taken away non-sports concerns. In addition to physiotherapy, it keeps all the items of the British champion under control, from the beloved electric scooter with which he whizzes in the paddock to the helmet to wear in the race. Often she is the one who fixes his hair before preparing to leave. And then there is the psychological aspect, on which Cullen has worked carefully: “At any time, I always find it positive, I have never felt it pessimistic. For me it is very important to surround myself with people full of energy ”.


Precisely this ability to always be able to see the positive side of every question derives from Angela’s previous experiences. Former hockey player, even called up by the national team, for fifteen years she has chosen to work in the world of sport from a different perspective, favoring the psychophysical preparation of an athlete. Professionally linked to Aki Hintsa, the doctor who restored Mika Hakkinen after the 1995 crash, Angela worked with the British Olympic team, mainly with the athletics and triathlon team. His recipe consists in alternating physical exercise with the care of mental health. So running and climbing together with yoga and meditation. Exercises that he also repeated for Hamilton.


In addition to uniting the two there are also beliefs of a social nature. Angela also took to the streets with Lewis a year ago to protest the murder of George Floyd. And still today, through its social accounts, it sends strong messages on the importance of respecting the rights of minorities.

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Lewis Hamilton blonde woman side Angela Cullen

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