“Are you no longer with Bonolis?” Sonia Bruganelli’s answer is unsettling: is it a crisis?

06 June 2021 11:02

“Freedom and love are one. I have always chosen to love those who thought like me”: this is the reflection that Sonia Bruganelli entrusted a few hours ago with a photo that, on Instagram, shows a beautiful sea view. Paolo Bonolis’s wife completed the thought with the hashtag dedicato, thus arousing the reactions of followers, some simply agree with her reflection, others more curious in investigating the private life of the woman, who has been linked to the conductor for 24 years. the most popular of Italian TV. And precisely because in the eyes of the public the couple has always appeared solid and close-knit, strong in a bond strengthened by marriage and the birth of their three children, the answer given to those who asked her if she is still with her husband seemed rather cryptic. ..

“Are you no longer with Bonolis?”: Sonia Bruganelli’s reply

Among the comments on the sidelines of the shot posted by Sonia Bruganelli, someone referred to Paolo Bonolis, calling him “ex-husband”. Direct, then, was the question of a follower: “Ex-husband … Why? Isn’t she with Bonolis anymore?” she asked curiously, a question that found the reply of the person concerned: “I don’t answer these questions” she wrote with a smile that didn’t add anything else. “Sonia, she has already answered me. I’m sorry”, added the fan, comment that has not found any confirmation or denial by the woman who, shortly after, has published an intense close-up with another deep thought: ” When you notice the performance, you have to close certain curtains “he wrote again, completing the observation with the hashtags # maipiùcome first # tomorrowèunaltrogiorno.

Crisis in progress with her husband? Who knows. Certainly Sonia and Paolo, together, have faced and overcome great difficulties such as the one dating back to the period of the birth of their daughter Silvia: “When our daughter was born there was a real, family crisis” she said in a recent interview: “And It was a moment of rupture that led to a separation from him too (…) When you overcome this you understand that there is a bond that goes beyond any difficulty “.

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