Milan weather, yellow alert for severe thunderstorms on Sunday evening-

Milan weather, yellow alert for severe thunderstorms on Sunday evening-
Milan weather, yellow alert for severe thunderstorms on Sunday evening-

Possible strong thunderstorms over Milan starting from 7pm today, Sunday 6 June: the Functional Center of the Lombardy Region, through the AlertaLOM website and the related app, reports theyellow alert (ordinary criticality) for hydro-weather risk. River monitoring remains active Seveso and Lambro and I’m alerted the teams of the Civil Protection, the Local Police and MM. During the storm on Saturday afternoon in Milan two trees fell, in via Vallazze and in via Venti Settembre.

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Via Vallazze, the intervention of the fire brigade

The weather situation foresees, from the afternoon, a increased instability, associated with the gradual shift on the Tyrrhenian of a minimum depression, with the recall of a humid flow at high altitude from the northern quadrants. Precipitation, scattered in character of reverse and thunderstorm, after having affected the eastern sector of the pre-alpine belt in the course of the afternoon they will extend to the central eastern plain, while in the hours between late afternoon and evening they will also involve the western part of the plain and of the foothills and pre-Alps, insisting even in the early hours of the night.

For the unstable conditions remain in the early hours of Monday 7 June, with thunderstorm rainfall scattered over the foothills and plains in the early hours of the night, more intense with greater probability on the southwestern plain, in partial attenuation and exhaustion during the morning; from the early afternoon, new activation of the convective and thunderstorm activity initially distributed on the pre-Alpine belt, in irregular extension in the afternoon also to the lowland sectors and with greater probability of intensification on the low central western plain. From the evening progressive attenuation and exhaustion of the phenomena in the eastern part of the Region, in the West not excluded thunderstorms persistent until the end of the day.

The Functional Center of the Lombardy Region will reassess the possible issue of a new hydro-weather alert tomorrow morning.

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Milan weather yellow alert severe thunderstorms Sunday evening Corriereit

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