Irene in resuscitation for cerebral haemorrhage

Irene in resuscitation for cerebral haemorrhage
Irene in resuscitation for cerebral haemorrhage

A 42 year old woman Lucca, Irene Cervelli, is hospitalized in very serious conditions in the intensive care of the Cisanello hospital in Pisa after being hit by a stroke last Thursday. A week earlier, on May 26, the 42-year-old had been vaccinated with the first dose of AstraZeneca: it was given to her on the occasion of an open vaccination day in Lucca. This is what La Nazione reports today, explaining that the 42-year-old’s parents have decided to request a copy of the medical record from the hospital and to present a complaint to the police to understand if there is a correlation between vaccination and illness.

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Optimistic and proactive towards science and vaccines. This is Irene, who from her social message boards encourages people to get the vaccine because the only way to get out of this situation. “I trust science and those who have been studying for a year on something that no one would have ever imagined … I wait for my turn, hoping it will be as soon as possible”. His turn came on May 26th.

The woman had no previous pathologies and is described as always fit and very active. The 42-year-old – who on the occasion of the open day had also been interviewed by the Nation, telling of her satisfaction at being able to get a dose, even though she was forced to wake up at dawn -, following the illness on June 3, she underwent two surgeries: the first, the daily explains, for more than five hours to reduce the damage caused by a large cerebral hemorrhage, which was followed by another operation for a second hemorrhage that struck her.


Irene resuscitation cerebral haemorrhage

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