Covid vaccines, the world ranking: Italy is second in Europe

According to official data, Israel always comes first, very close to herd immunity. Italy second in Europe: better than France and Spain. Bad Asia: Japan hosting the Olympics has immunized 3% of citizens

Vaccines are putting Covid on the ropes, but is this really the case around the world? Surely, according to official data, this is the case in Western countries, but in reality not only in those countries and indeed the ranking of the percentage of the vaccinated population reserves some surprises. As known for some time, the country ahead of all in the campaign is Israel: as of June 3, 63% of citizens had received at least one dose, 59.3% were already fully immunized. In second place comes Canada, which however made a drastic choice on the first dose: almost 60% of citizens received it, but only 6.37% were also administered the second, a very low figure and even lower than that of Argentina (6.43%), which is far behind in the global ranking. The UK completes the podium: first dose at 58.57%, second at 39%.

Just behind is Bahrain, which is the second country behind Israel for completion of the cycle: 47.5% of the population is immunized. Above 50% of the population reached by at least one dose are Chile, Mongolia, Uruguay, Hungary, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Just 50% have just arrived in the United States, the first country by number of inhabitants to reach this threshold: 40.8% of the population has already received the second dose. Below 50% as a first dose, a series of European countries, in order Finland, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, which occupies the 15th position in the general classification. Then there is Belgium and in 17th place there is Italy, which exceeded 40% as a first dose and above all touches 21% as completed immunization, which places it (as completed cycles) in second place in Europe. Our country therefore does better than some important European partners such as the Netherlands, Spain and France. In France, 19% of the population have completed the entire vaccination cycle, less than Portugal, Denmark and Serbia.

Following are all the other European countries while then in the “rest of the world” the Dominican Republic (31.5% and 11%), Morocco (24% and 15%), Argentina, which does just better than Brazil as before, appear. dose (22.48% versus 21.88%), but on completion of the cycle it yields 10.5% to 6.46%. Asian countries are far behind. Data on China are not available, but in Japan, which hosts the Olympics in the summer, only 8.7% of the population received the first dose and 3% also the second. South Korea is just better, with 13.82% and 4.38%. In India, where the feared variant developed, 12.63% of the population received a dose of the vaccine, 3.2% also the second. At the bottom of the ranking are the African countries, in the majority of which no person has yet completed the entire vaccination course, and sometimes decimal percentages have received at least the first dose. The three worst are Benin, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo: 0.14%, 0.13% and 0.1% of the vaccinated population (first dose only).


Covid vaccines world ranking Italy Europe

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