Italy ko with the U20, the background: Mancini furious

FLORENCE – Italy-Italy U20 0-1. Where is the mistake? A battery of young people in their twenties who triumphs over the National Invincible record. One could say, minimizing: like when, in one of his mythical autobiographical stories, Liedholm missed a passage after years at San Siro and the standing Meazza applauded him. So Italy (Two) that loses a match after almost three years … Maybe you would even want to joke about it. Not to Mancini, who didn’t take it well. For nothing. This was not the attitude he expected from those who should question his ideas, from Emerson a Belotti and Church. And if the indolence against San Marino it cost the place to Kean, this ‘defeat’ could widen the gap between first and second choices.

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Mancini’s Italy poses for Euro 2020

Italy, bad Belotti and the Church. The Neapolitan baby is the protagonist with a goal

The Pontedera made it black“. First page of Corriere dello Sport, April 7, 1994. The day before Alfredo Aglietti, 24 year old star of the C2 team led by D’Arrigo, had put the signature on a ‘historic’ defeat of the national team Baggio e Gentlemen, even in training (goal that would have become the delight and cross of his career with 130 goals, before the bench): 1-2 in Coverciano, with Sacks ready to eat his hat: “The worst moment since I’ve been coach“It is inevitable to go fishing for that distant memory in front of the 1-0 that yesterday the Under 20’s Stamps, a master forge of talents for almost forty years, has obtained against theItaly deployed by the coach fishing among the Azzurri who remained to watch the 4-0 on Czech Republic. One hour of match (two halves) with a surprising result. And while all eyes were on Breakers, alternating between the two teams (as SiriguMeret, Emerson Palmieri, fool e Church) without heartbeat, another Bolognese took the scene, Gianmarco Cangiano, born in 2001, promising Neapolitan striker, a huge fan of Badge, raised in Roma to the sound of goals, before moving on to Bologna, debut in A against the you, launched by Sinisa, and then go on to mature a Ascoli. His great feat, in the first half, starting from the right, aiming for the center and finding a great left from the edge (he who has the polite foot in the right) that burned Meret. As for the greats, Bernardeschi apart, who took the test with a fair amount of effort, before the ‘free all until tonight at 11pm, the ‘doubles’ of the owners who shone at From the Ara, have appeared, some more, some less, very ‘distant’. This applies in particular to the Gallo, for the same Church. They met again Pilgrims, recovered, Cristante vice Jorginho, Sticks (in tribuna a Bologna), with fool e Di Lorenzo (for him the possible 1-1, canceled for offside by the referee Proud) tried first both outside on the right, by opponents, then companions, with the central atalantino with Acerbi (and Sticks moved to the left).

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