“We don’t fight, but Ferro is there”

“We don’t fight, but Ferro is there”
“We don’t fight, but Ferro is there”

CATANZARO Fratelli d’Italia respects the agreements but until there is a final decision it is ready to play its part and to put the name of Wanda Ferro on the coalition table. This was reiterated by the Melonian “colonels” of Calabria from the audience of Catanzaro, on the sidelines of a party initiative on Recovery. “We have a great candidate for president because there is a woman, Wanda Ferro, who could be in continuity, but we do not fight in the sense that there will be a national tableIn fact observed the regional councilor Fausto Orsomarso. «The synthesis – continued Orsomarso – is to field the best men and women. If it will be Forza Italia to indicate the name we will be in the field with the summary of Forza Italia, but if the question arises I say that until you decide Wanda is there, in continuity with the late Jole Santelli, if I had to decide it would be the best choice ». In the coalition according to Orsomarso “there is no muscle test but a synthesis of the best experiences of a center-right that is united. We hear the name of Roberto Occhiuto, which is another authoritative hypothesis. Since it has not yet closed, everyone claims their positions, and we have a figure that is one of the best choices that can be put in place in Calabria. The Roman table is not a liturgy, it is not useless, it is a synthesis of different sensibilities, but – added the regional councilor of FdI – we believe that the Brothers of Italy with the leader Meloni today has an extra gear: common to the end we believe in the values ​​of the united center. The Roman table is the best synthesis to keep everything in balance. Let’s hope it closes next week».

Ferro: “We hope it will be done soon”

In turn, Wanda Ferro, parliamentarian and regional coordinator of Fratelli d’Italia, explained that «FdI has always stood out for consistency and loyalty and will continue to do so. After the death of the late Jole Santelli, the commitment was that it was Forza Italia to indicate the candidate, but we hope that this will be done as soon as possible, because months and months have passed and there are constant postponements of a table that would put us in a position to make competitive lists and a program in continuity with Jole but at the same time open to the Pnrr and other actions ». On the hypothesis of her investiture for the candidacy for the presidency of the Region, Ferro highlighted: “If I were to be called, obviously I wouldn’t back down, because you can remove a Calabrian from Calabria but not Calabria from a Calabrian. I would do it with great pleasure, obviously with a single request: that of having carte blanche in making choices. I am convinced – concluded Ferro – that the answer would be there also because the affection of the Calabrians has never failed, especially because to Wanda Ferro some minor injustice has been done by politics». (c. a.)


dont fight Ferro

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