Covid Tuscany 6 June: 193 new cases, hospitalizations are falling again – Chronicle

Covid Tuscany 6 June: 193 new cases, hospitalizations are falling again – Chronicle
Covid Tuscany 6 June: 193 new cases, hospitalizations are falling again – Chronicle

Florence, 6 June 2021 – As already anticipated on social media by the President of the Region, Eugenio Giani, I’m 193 new cases of coronavirus registered, in Tuscany, in the last twenty-four hours. The 193 new cases, thirty-nine more than yesterday, bring the total positivity count recorded since the beginning of the health emergency sixteen months ago to 242,409. They have been carried out 14,814 tests of which 9,308 molecular swabs and 5,506 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 1.30% (3.3% on first diagnoses).Positive, hospitalized and cured

5,985 people are currently positive in the region, 162 fewer (with a decline of 2.6 percent) compared to the day before and less than half compared to two weeks ago. Of these the hospitalized are 384 (23 less than yesterday, down by 5.7 percent), of which 93 in intensive care (3 less, less 3.1 percent). Consequently, the healed also grew: increased by 0.2 per cent (an increase of 346 compared to yesterday), reaching 229,666 (94.7 per cent of total cases). And they are healed in all respects: not only without symptoms or clinical manifestations associated with the infection, but also from a viral point of view, all certified with a negative swab. The deaths reported with the latest bulletin are nine: six men and three women with an average age of 79 years. Of the 193 new cases reported today – 0.1 percent more than the previous day’s total: 106 found in the Central ASL, 36 in the North West, 51 in the South East – 187 were confirmed with molecular swab and six with tests quick antigenic. The total swabs recorded in the last twenty-four hours are, respectively, 9,308 and 5,506, of which 1.3 percent were positive. If we do the calculation only on the tested subjects (5,899, excluding the control swabs), the percentage rises to 3.3 percent. The average age of the 193 new positives appearing in today’s bulletin is about 38: 21 percent are under the age of 20, 29 percent between 20 and 39, 37 percent between 40 and 59, 10 between 60 and 79 percent and 3 percent eighty or more.

The trend by province

With the latest recorded cases, the positives have risen to 66,923, since the beginning of the emergency, reported to date in the territories of the metropolitan city of Florence (68 more than yesterday), 22,391 in Prato (18 more), 22,867 in Pistoia (16 more), 13,275 in Massa Carrara (3 more), 24,532 in Lucca (9 more), 29,091 in Pisa (23 more), 17,389 in Livorno (5 more), 22,747 in Arezzo (18 more) ), 13,742 in Siena (14 more) and 8,897 in Grosseto (19 more). To these must be added 555 positive cases reported in Tuscany, but concerning residents in other regions.

Tuscany is in twelfth place in Italy in terms of overall number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic (including residents and non-residents), with about 6,608 cases of 100,000 inhabitants (the Italian average is 7,139, yesterday’s figure). The province of notification with the highest rate remains Prato (with 8,745 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), followed by Pistoia (7,863) and Massa Carrara (6,993). The lowest concentration is confirmed in Grosseto (with a rate of 4,071).

Overall, today there are 5,601 people in isolation at home, with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are even symptom-free (139 fewer than yesterday, minus 2.4%). There are 14,948 (1,150 fewer than yesterday, minus 7.1%) people, also isolated, in active surveillance because they have had contact with infected people (Asl Centro 7,524, North West 4,880, South East 2,544).

The deaths

Of the nine deaths reported today (six men and three women with an average age of 79), divided by province of residence, three involve Florence, two Prato, one Pistoia, one Massa Carrara, one Arezzo and one Siena. Since the beginning of the epidemic the deaths have risen to 6,601: by province there were 2,182 in Florence, 587 in Prato, 621 in Pistoia, 523 in Massa Carrara, 660 in Lucca, 696 in Pisa, 413 in Livorno, 486 in Arezzo 325 in Siena and 174 in Grosseto, plus 91 people who died on Tuscan soil but residing outside the region. The Tuscan raw mortality rate for Covid-19 (number of deaths out of the resident population) is currently 184.2 per 100 thousand residents, against 213.4 for the Italian average. Tuscany is twelfth. As for the provinces, the highest mortality rate is found in Massa Carrara (275.5 per 100 thousand inhabitants), followed by Prato (229.3) and Florence (221.3) while the lowest is in Grosseto ( 79.6).

Covid Tuscany, the data of June 5

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