“I was operated on, something did not go well”

“I was operated on, something did not go well”
“I was operated on, something did not go well”

06 June 2021 10:01

Mara Venier is back on social media to update the followers on her health conditions, recently marked by a small dental problem that in recent days made it necessary first an operation and then hospitalization in the clinic.

“It was a heavy week, on Monday I had a very long dental operation, unfortunately something did not go well. Yesterday I was hospitalized in the clinic here in Rome, operated by Professor Valentino Valentini”, said the presenter of Domenica In in the stories Instagram shot from the terrace of his Roman house and published in the late afternoon of Saturday 5 June. Then the reassurance: “I’m better and tomorrow I’ll be on Domenica In”, he concluded, thanking the professor of the Umberto I polyclinic in Rome who operated on her and all his medical staff.

(Below is one of Mara Venier’s Instagram stories)

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Mara Venier hospitalized after dental surgery

Mara Venier was admitted to the clinic a few days after a dental operation. On Friday, the presenter had published an Instagram story – removed after a few minutes – in which it was seen that she was in bed with an IV, without however giving further explanations that the press office later provided to Today, saying that in fact the hospitalization was linked to the dental operation. “I am swollen, it was a 7-hour long operation” she explained once she returned home, where her grandson Claudio – in addition to her husband Nicola Carraro – with whom she was playing on the Latvian was keeping her company for the convalescence.

But fortunately the worst is over: Mara Venier is better and, as she herself anticipated, today she will be at the helm of Domenica In live on Rai1 starting at 14 with an episode full of guests.

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