Covid, 5G and microchips have the same function “

Covid, 5G and microchips have the same function “
Covid, 5G and microchips have the same function “

Following the most classic of the theories darwiniane, the nature has rewarded over the centuries the species that more than others has managed to adapt to change: man. The main kind of beings that have mixed and evolved, up to the citizens of the world that we are. There have been many periods of crisis and famine that first brought us to our knees and then shaped us: it is part of our history, which today continues along the same lines. The pandemic, only the latest of the plagues humanity has had to deal with. And like the others that have characterized the past, this one too could mark a leap in our evolution.

A passage that, however, reserves questions as well as fears. Still under discussion is not only the genesis of the emergency, but the functionality of this period. Who benefits from what we are experiencing? We asked the professor Alessandro Meluzzi, who spoke to the microphones of Fabio Duranti and Francesco Vergovich to explain the causes and consequences of this time.

Here is the speech by Prof. Meluzzi at A Special Day.

I would start from the biological-ecological one, linked to the evolutionary aspects. Inside our brain there is a component that we would like us like ants, termites, bees. That is, all organized, governed by magnetic and luminous fields. So to say that there is a part of the world that would like human society made like the society of bees. With one that commands through a microchip, through nanoparticles, through 5G fields. There is an elite part of the world that would like human beings reduced to inhabitants of a hive. We are trying to counter this design, but it is the design of the big banks, the Rothschilds, the Bill Gates.

Fortunately, man is not just an ant. It also has a reptilian brain within it. Above the reptilian brain we also have an encephalic and affective brain, that of mammals. Above this mammalian brain we have another brain, that of freedom. The one who wants to completely self-determine his own destiny. For the elite world that wants to reduce men to ants and bees, it will be hard to defeat free men. We are resisting this desire to reduce man to a machine, mediated by a psycho-info pandemic, by a health police regime.

We pay attention to those who follow us because they want to do our good. That usually those who say they want to do our good are tragically doing our evil. And this is what we are experiencing in these days, in these months: it is a story that has been going on for some time. There is the will to reduce the masses into economically disinherited masses, deprived of their freedom, completely heterodirected ”.

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