Elena, the holiday and the flight from the balcony: “She was killed”

Elena, the holiday and the flight from the balcony: “She was killed”
Elena, the holiday and the flight from the balcony: “She was killed”

The friends of Elena Livigni Gimenez, the 21-year-old with dual Italian and Spanish citizenship, who died after falling from the balcony of a hotel in Ibiza, do not believe in suicide and accuse her boyfriend of killing her, the same one who a few moments later followed her into the void. Three days after the accident, which occurred on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, around 4.20, the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía continues to follow both tracks: the femicide by Elena’s boyfriend, 5 years older, and that of suicide.

However, Elena’s friends don’t believe in the second investigative option. Until recently, the girl lived in Milan with her parents, her father, an Italian entrepreneur, and her mother, a Spanish university teacher. He then decided to move to Barcelona to pursue a degree course in Global Governance at the renowned Esade academic facility. Everything perfect, until that flight from the balcony of the Torre del Mar hotel, in Playa d’en Bossa, a few meters from the beaches of Ibiza. “Everyone must know the truth, no more lies, no more. It was him” they shouted loudly. By him we mean the boy 5 years older, with dual citizenship, both Spanish and Moroccan.

Elena’s friends tell of the student as a serene and joyful person, with many desires still to be fulfilled and a life ahead of them to do so. He knew languages, Italian and Spanish by birth and was studying Catalan and Arabic. A far cry from those alcohol and drug parties consumed in the room on the fourth floor of the hotel, of which the Spanish media and newspapers speak. But the social media also talk about her boyfriend, also a resident of Barcelona and enrolled at the university, a type violent that he would organize the trip in detail, including the death of the beautiful 21-year-old. The investigations continue and it will perhaps be necessary to carry out the autopsy examination on the bodies of the two young people, to try to understand the causes of death and find any signs of violence on Elena’s body.

Elena’s life in Milan

The 21-year-old’s father lives in a Milanese building, along with the girl’s 16-year-old brother. The father, after an initial refusal, decided to speak with a Corriere envoy, with the only request to respect his pain and his privacy. To speak are the neighbors who remember Elena, when she attended the Milanese high school named after the second wife of the general from the Church, Emanuela Setti Carraro. And also when he had chosen the Esade of Barcelona, ​​with the aim of graduating and then following a master’s degree in new technologies. The 21-year-old, as told by her friends, was passionate about legal disciplines and was thinking of looking for a job in Spain, the country that saw her born in September 1999, in Cartagena, where her mother, originally from Manchester, lived.

The violent struggle

According to some sources close to Interpol, the hotel staff heard a violent fight shortly before the flight from the balcony that cost the two young men their lives. Perhaps the origin of the screams jealousy. Elena’s mother, who lives in an attic on the other side of the Milanese capital, prefers not to reply to journalists. She has already had to talk for a long time with the investigators, answer their questions, rethink any requests for help addressed to her by her daughter. But once again Elena’s friends, after asking her parents’ permission, tell about the student’s plans. His desire to return to travel and the many goals to be achieved. All aspects far from a possible suicide. Better therefore to focus on the “boyfriend’s troubles”. But what troubles they are talking about, nothing is known. At least for now.

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